Mexico: Wild Reaction attack on TEO tunnel

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

The Tunel Emisor Oriente (TEO) is one of the largest registered engineering projects having to do with deep drainage systems. Built to avoid flooding in the cities, it begins in the state of Hidalgo and passes through towns in Mexico State. The TEO is composed of 24 Lumbreras which are able to take in up to 150 cubic meters of waste water per second. The Lumbreras (which are large holes in the earth), act as vents for entry into the tunnel and for doing maintenance on it with heavy machinery.

Involved in this effort are various institutions of the federal government (1) and various private businesses (2). One of their goals (aside from “saving” the rotten cities from the floods that wild nature sends as a response to the devastating industrial progress) is the hypocritical function of environmental improvement. What environmental improvement are they talking about? The “improvement” that consists of destroying a vast zone of grasslands and forests for their convertible tunnel that safeguards the integrity of civilization? Because that is what they have done with their construction: trees were uprooted, green zones left buried by the concrete of their “Mexican exterior circuit” highway that runs along these Lumbreras, native animals were also affected, the river that runs through this area was turned into a canal of black water and disgusting trash, the ecological balance was violated again by human progress: if this is what “improvement” means to the architects and defenders of this “magnum opus,” then they are doing very well.

This is why the “Groupuscule of The Occult” of Wild Reaction made for one of the TEO Lumbreras on the night of April 22nd, between the towns of Nextlalpan and Tonanitla in Mexico State, we leapt over the barbed wire fence that protects the canal of black water and behind a large pepper tree that remained standing, we performed several firearm detonations against the machines, structures and walls of the construction. The shots damaged and terrorized those who were in the site, and with the thunder of the detonating bullets were the sounds of the animals killed for the construction, the violent rush of the wind that moved the leaves of the trees now fallen, and the imperceptible song of the water of the river turned black by the artificial, and were also the war cries of our ancestors: Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!*

Of no use were the scandalous illumination, the surveillance of the place and the nighttime patrols of state and federal police, The Occult covered ourselves in our cloak and took off without a problem.

With this armed action we declare:

Death and blood to those who destroy the Earth!

There will be more bullets to their structures and to their heads!

For the extremist defense of wild nature!

At war against the technological system!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
“Groupuscule of The Occult” (Grupúsculo de Lo Oculto)

* Náhuatl war cry meaning “Now it’s you or me!” (source) (Translator’s note)


1) Respectively, the Secretery of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), the National Commission of Water (CONAGUA), the Secretery of Agriculture and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Secretery of Public Works (SFP).

2) The Mexican Construction of Underground Infrastructure (Comissa), Carso Infrastructure and Construction S.A.B. de CV (Cicsa) (a Carlos Slim company), Associated Civil Engineers (ICA), Construction and Grinding, Lombardo and Estrella Construction, and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

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