Mexico: Explosive set off in the Atizapán Palace of Justice

we receive via email; translation by waronsociety:

We do not respect or serve any laws other than the natural laws, we despise the whole cumulous of words compiled in thick books, which under punishment dictate the behavior of individuals. We reject and deny the laws of the governments, the moral laws imposed by the society, the western cultural laws, the technological laws of innovation, the laws of the injurious religions’ creeds, all those artificial and ephemeral mandates collapse under their own weight, we challenge them and mock them, attacking head-on.

This is why, in the night of April 25, we set off toward the Palace of Justice in Atizapán, Zaragoza, on the Lago de Guadalupe highway, and abandoned one of our explosives right in front of the aforementioned edifice.

At a distance of a few blocks, the device activated and the streets were invaded by the explosion’s sound wave; the nighttime street vendors and the cars that passed by the place were witness to this act of negation.

Know this well: the groupuscules of Wild Reaction also have governmental institutions in their sights, since these are the faithful reflection of the rotting of this civilization, and of the absurd dynamics of the industrial society, at which we scoff with this sort of action.

The bombs will keep exploding and their boom is but the light breeze of wild nature over us; it is only a matter of time until Wild Reaction’s hunt bears fruit…

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
Groupuscule “until your death or mine!” (Grupúsculo ¡Hasta tu muerte o la mía!)

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