Mexico: Attack against GMO lobby group in Mexico City injures two (November 2015)

we receive and publish an extract from an article about the attack, followed by a translation of the communique claiming the attack:

In the fourth anti-GMO terrorist event in Latin America this year, the Mexico-based organization Alianza Pro Transgenicos (Alliance for Transgenics) was the victim of two recent bombing attempts. One bomb exploded from a package delivered to one of the alliance’s offices, wounding the organization’s Vice President, engineer Mario Berlanga, and an associate. The other package bomb delivered a day later was not opened and handed over to Mexican authorities, which are investigating. No one was seriously injured.

The bombing attacks on November 19 and 20 were seen as an attempt to intimidate the newly formed group, composed of 45 members of research organizations, universities, companies, and other organizations. The alliance is dedicated to opening doors to research and development of genetically modified agriculture in Mexico. Currently, one third of corn consumed in the country is imported, and since its inception in September, the Alliance has been urging the government to encourage more investment in research and development of genetically modified crops to feed a growing population and prepare for the effects of climate change.

A group called Por la Anarquía* claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Alliance:

That damage will spread to those directly responsible, whether they are organizations, companies, institutions and individuals in particular. We vindicate the attacks (during the third week of November) through mail bombs and incendiary actions to Consejo Nacional Agropecuario.

Chavez Villagran, president of the Alliance, denounced the attacks:

We condemn these violent acts that demonstrate a very dangerous intolerance of opinions and democratic, scientific and social development of our country and our field. We are an association that seeks reason and dialogue and we believe that violence nullifies all rational acts. This aggression, of which I was a victim, seeks to curb our cause, but we will continue with our efforts for the dissemination of information on genetically modified crops, as well as obtaining permits for commercial planting.

* Whether it is from stupidity or intention, the article quoted the name of a blog which posted the communique as authors, the attack was claimed rather by Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje, a group who also claimed two parcel bombs, abandoned at the Nuclear Research Center of the UNAM and Computer Research Center of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, last October.

Attack against La Alianza Pro Transgénicos (communique)

(translated from the Spanish)

Biotechnology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, economic botany, agronomy, among other sciences, develop improvements in the research, production and implementation of technological innovations, supposedly friendly for the environment; “minimizing the damage” caused to nature, “reducing pollution” and proposing processes with “less environmental impact.” The final purpose of these sciences, using all methods and techniques at their disposal, is to artificialize natural biological processes.

Genetically modifying organisms to improve crop quality, in terms of the land, agriculture being an important part of soil devastation, destroying wilderness for macro level cultivation, preventing the slightest sign of regeneration of the natural environment, ensuring good harvests for at least as long as the lands health lasts.

In line is the restoration of ecosystems, through biotechnology, apparently out of ecological concerns, creating new options which are the least harmful and contribute to reducing pollution; securing, this way, time and resources for the inexorable advance of scientific and technological progress.

An example of this is the biofuel made from seaweed, this innovation was faced with a shocking problem. Since the algae developed in freshwater, its production did not have the necessary sustainability, because of the water needed. For which genetic engineering had the solution: the genetic modification of these algae, resulting in the development and growth of marine algae in salt water and even sewage.

[…] The ocean water is simply a non-limited resource on this planet […] assured Stephen Mayfield, director of the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology, of UC San Diego; who also told Scientific American: “Nothing is going to stop this.” [1]

With biotechnology’s proposal, the problems that afflict humanity are to be resolved, citing innovative examples are: The golden rice, genetically modified to increase its nutritional value. The genetically modified gluten free wheat, suitable for coeliacs. Genetically modified purple tomatoes, claiming to prevent cancers. Genetically modified corn, which will be used as a vaccine against Hepatitis B. [2]

The alleged resolution to current problems (poverty, hunger, disease, etc…), with scientific and technological improvements, ensure the subjection of a society blindly hopeful of a future better life; whose consequences are not clear even to the scientific elite.

Pitching–poorly–persuasion campaigns such as:

“Nature says yes to GMO’s: The butterfly that wanted to be a wasp; wrote (ridiculously) por la Neta de tu Planeta [for the truth about your planet].”[3]

“Reasons to consume GM food and feel proud of it (10 Reasons to eat GMOs and feel grateful for it).” [4]

“What most people don’t know but they should is that practically every food they buy in the store for consumption by humans is genetically modified food. There are no wild seedless watermelons. There’s no wild cows, there’s no long stem roses growing in the wild – even though we don’t eat roses. You list all the fruit and all the vegetables and ask yourself is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is it’s not as large it’s not as sweet it’s not as juicy and it has way more seeds in it.
We have systemically genetically modified all the foods, the vegetables, and animals that we have eaten ever since we cultivated. It’s called artificial selection. That’s how we genetically modify. Now we can do it in a lab and all of a sudden you’re gonna complain? If you’re the complainer type go back and eat the apples that grow in the wild. -Nail deGrasse Tyson” [5]

Taking advantage of the minimal opposition and indifference of the blind masses, they’re taking over not only the future of the food they will ingest, but the course of natural environments.

For our part, all that is left to say is that not only nature will suffer the attacks against it, but, harm and damage will extend to those directly responsible, whether they are organizations, businesses, institutions or individuals in particular.

In this case, associations seeking to enshroud and protect themselves, concealing – with a friendly and pathetic disguise – nefarious interests, as do La Alianza Pro Transgénicos, presided by Rubén Chávez Villagrán, composed of 31 members, being led by Monsanto, Syngenta, Agrobio Mexico, among others.

Thus said, we claim the attacks (during the third week of November) through parcel bombs and incendiary devices directed to the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario, in the colonia Navarte, and the Protección de Cultivo, Ciencia y Tecnología company, in colonia Nonoalco Mixcoac, both in the Delegación Benito Juárez of México City. Both those companies are active members of La Alianza Pro Transgénicos. With this attack we are fully aware that we wont stop their campaign and efforts to artificialize wild nature, but as we’ve commented already above, not only nature will suffer the harm and damage, these will extend to those directly responsible.

Círculo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje.


sarcastic-clarification note.

We live in caves, no electricity, no phones, no INTERNET; with no communication beyond smoke signals. Passively witnessing how artificiality eats away any trace of wild nature, manipulates it, modifies it, and in a colorful and bright tone, presents it to total disposition, quietly awaiting the acceptance of the human population, with no fuss nor setback any. Placid before any spurious biological change, entrusting the course of our lives to strangers.

This would be a minor inconsistency, right?

Less than posting claims, attacks and threats through internet, which worry and are criticized the viewer community, netizens, readers, etc… Because of course, the critique of modern scientific and technological progress prevents the use of these against them, that would be cheating, scallywags!

We couldn’t care less about criticisms of our alleged “inconsistency” not only are we not bothered, but they have us mock the mediocre obedience and complicity, in defending and protecting the scientific and technological boom, dispensing more than just their lives… leaving only a trail of what was once wild nature.

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