Argentina: Fourth Communique of ITS – 2016

(WOS note: Here are links to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd communiques of the new phase of ITS.)

from Maldición Eco-extremista, translated by “Chahta-Ima”:

“ITS is in Argentina” That was part of the message that we left along with an envelope full of blasting powder in the bus station of Retiro this past Monday, February 22nd. This act was silenced by the press, as has been the case with many others [1]. In fact, for some days we have been warning the press as well as scientists of the presence of eco-extremism in this region. We would like to state that the more you silence our actions, the more focused they will become. You know that we have arms and explosives, as well as the addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and places of work, not just of all of you but also your families…

ITS does not yield before the accepted morality, and knows that you are either with Technology, or you are at war against it. The former will die as well as those on the fence. We are the wild stars that have yet to be discovered, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina
Wild Constellations

Forward, uncivilized internationalism!



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