Letter from Mónika Caballero to the CCF – “Once more”

from culmine, translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia:

Once more

A Reach Out to the comrade
A Clenched fist to the enemy

Comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire organization I write to you within hours of starting the “bombs case” trial, a bad copy of the “Cervantes Case.”

Power and its minions try to convict for the placing of an incendiary device in a church, for this reason I risk a sentence of 5 to 20 years of effective penalty, that within the framework of the anti-terrorism law. The fire of the witch hunt is being prepared.

Until August 14th 2010, I lived in squat house la Krota, where there was an anarchist library (this was a feast for the police that foul day), my beautiful home became one of the “power centers” of the prosecution, one of the foundations of the failed terrorist conspiracy thesis … what an insult to whom spits on the exercise of the powerful. The inhabitants of this place openly propagated anti-authoritarian ideas, which the state fears.

My detention (which lasted 9 months in prison and 3 months of house arrest) did not take me by surprise, the mass media were laying the foundation for several months before, the crudeness of it just amazes me, I expected more of the “police intelligence”, against me there is no direct evidence of my participation in this or any attack there is only an accusation of ideas, this is not to hang on to the legality or to defend my innocence, the anarchist task cannot be otherwise than illegal. Every hour sitting on the bench of the accused I feel dirty from being part of this democratic process, I have nothing to prove to any court the only opinion that matters to me is my accomplices in the crime of fighting for freedom and anarchy. They want me in jail for not kissing the cross, repentance for not lowering my head before them. The outlook is vague, they may achieve imprisoning my body or perhaps in the near future, dissidents of capital have a booked ticket to jail, those are the costs of wanting to expropriate our lives from the executioners of the lovers of order.

I brother with you without ever exchanging a word, every day that capital takes away from you doesn’t go unnoticed, I know what the loneliness of a cold cell is, the rage that dries the mouth to see the door close and to hate every morning you see that guard, solidarity to me isn’t a pity or “humanitarian” exercise, its a tool of anti-authoritarian struggle, I can not live anymore in capital’s social peace, it hurts me and makes me restless to see more in their cages, whether they speak or not the same language, whether or not they’re the same species, have tail, feet or feathers.

Comrades you have been a wonderful contribution to the dissemination of revolutionary nihilist and anarchist ideas, keep it up, your letters are always a pleasure to read.

Today I can enjoy a sky without bars, the touch of the skin of a comrade, walk the streets of this lifeless town, in a couple of weeks… Who knows?

And finally for you dear persecutors who analyze each comma with a myriad of specialists to build a new process, I hope you find it, your masters will be proud.

War against all forms of domination. Sedition and revolt!!

Long live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, may they spread across the globe!

May the jailers, judges, prosecutors and butchers tremble, fire to the prisons and slaughterhouses!

In the struggle for the destruction of authority no one is alone!

Prisoners at war to the streets! Diego Rios, Gabriela Curilem flee away from cameras and uniforms!


Mónika Caballero
Accused in the bombs case
Santiago, Chile

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