“This is a war and we are warriors”: words in solidarity with the comrades of the CCF from Mono, a nihilist prisoner of war

from culmine, translated by war on society:

“This is a war and we are warriors” *

Words in solidarity with the comrades of the CCF

Solidarity, a word often used in this society, from the military interventions disguised as humanitarian aid, to the donations in supermarket shopping, to the collaboration between good citizens and the police, to those who “struggle” to expand animals’ cages for their well-being. All expressions where Domination recuperates and impregnates every corner with its logic, removing words’ value and limiting them to miserable campaigns so that citizens can sleep with their tranquil consciences after taking a couple of sleeping pills. It is the feelings of inferiority that Domination wishes to impose as “solidarity,” either as compassion and pity, or submission and admiration, where in the first case, someone who has more than another gives some scraps to alleviate for a moment their misery. This is driven by the pity one feels for the other who has nothing. And in the second case, someone who’s assumed inferior to another who holds power and authority–collaborates with the latter’s work without having any gain other than thanks for helping to perpetuate order.

For me, solidarity is a tool of struggle for expressing in different ways support and respect between the oppressed who resist and/or confront the managers of misery. For me it is a relation between known and unknown individuals who do not see themselves as superior or inferior but as equivalent, where also often gestures are sent and received anonymously with the sole intention of being present and making tangible the fact that no one is alone.

This is how I understand solidarity and this is how I have taken up deeds ever since I chose the path of liberation, where it is necessary to support those who struggle in different parts of the world, from within the prisons to outside of the walls. During these months that I have been in captivity I have felt the force of each gesture, of every one, your letters and foods, the banners, leaflets and fire.

Before having been on the other side of the walls, contributing how I could and wished, but now the conviction of which “solidarity” is not a dead word will take more force than ever. It is for this reason that in this letter I wish to send my greetings to the comrades who have assumed the political responsibility of belonging to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and now are incarcerated in different prisons of the territory dominated by the Greek State. It is the firm and dignified conviction that you have taken, from the anonymity of your attacks and your subsequent claims, which are a contribution and impulse of struggle that pass through borders and languages, to the posture that you have assumed since you were incarcerated.

I believe that solidarity between prisoners, revolutionaries and subversives is a potent weapon in the struggle against the prisons and their guards, for this reason the CCF’s proposition or Gabriel Pombo da Silva‘s initiative with the International Hunger Strike are gestures that seek to interlace experiences and relations between comrades, so that together, as a contribution to an informal and diffuse environment, we advance towards the destruction of Domination, where each comrade writes their contributions, critiques, experiences and proposals, where no imprisoned comrade is alone, because if they touch one of us, they touch all of us, or as they say in these parts: “no aggression without retaliation.”

In the letter that you wrote as a proposition for this pamphlet, you reference that you rejected your lawyers for various reasons and although this also depends on more factors that are unanswered due to my distance, it still is another demonstration of courage in the face of Power and its laws that you will be your own defenders. Here, for my part and that of other comrades, legal defense is driven by the “Popular Defender,” who is supported by the “Legal Picket” (law students), who offer their support as a form of solidarity, visiting prisoners and contributing how they can in the legal sphere.

To conclude I want to launch two initiatives: one concerning the solidarity campaigns and the other concerning the debate and development of ideas. The first is that the dates of the trials against comrades around the world be disseminated in advance, to serve in this way to call for solidarity with each comrade who faces trial.

The second initiative is to debate the ideas/practices of Animal Liberation, which have been developed by comrades in Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, and now finally in Bolivia and which on the part of the CCF, only Damiano has made reference to in one of his letters. Themes such as ecology and anti-technology have already been established, thus I believe that the struggle against animal exploitation is part of the integrity of the struggle, in order to thus point towards total liberation, bringing an end to every form of domination.

Fraternal greetings to Christos, Gerasimos, Mihalis, Giorgos N., Haris, Panagiotis, Olga, Giorgos P. and Damiano.

Also to the others accused in this case, especially to Panagiotis M. To all, my greetings which cross walls and seas to each one of your cages.

 Honor to Mauricio Morales, Honor to Lambros Foundas

Solidarity with all prisoners of war.

Prisoner of War, Nihilist tendency

Maximum Security Section – High Security Prison
November 2011.

I wish to extend my greetings to those comrades who contribute to this dialogue that breaks the borders, I refer to those who translate letters from and into various languages, such as for example the book Dynamiting the Existent: Reflections on Minoritarian Combat which in these days of captivity came to my hands, as well as the internet sites (liberaciontotal.lahaine.org, culmine.noblogs.org, actforfree.nostate.net…) which cover the transfers and actions that happen in Greece.

* this phrase was shouted from the CSO Sacco and Vanzetti after the death of Mauri and when the police tried to enter. The phrase is clear, in this war we are not soldiers, we are warriors with autonomy and honor, we do not struggle for medals and/or other stupidities, but to take back our lives, for total liberation at whatever cost.

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