Letter from Mono – To everyone who continues to fight for liberation in spite of all adversity

from liberacion total, translated by war on society:

This text was written days after Mono found out about the escape attempt by some comrades of the CCF. Now he finds himself in the street.

To everyone who continues to fight for liberation in spite of all adversity

Tuesday December 31, 1996 – The assault approached from the sky, the propellers resounding and stronger than usual. Yes, there is no doubt that they’re coming to the rescue, the sound of the rifle shots makes one forget that of the propellers. The bullets hit against the structure of the cold walls, against the executioners in the towers. The ones who will shoot to kill anyone trying achieve their freedom. Because it is better to die than to lose. It descends in smooth flight with the bulletproof weave basket below. Kevlar, an easy-to-handle fabric that can slow the impact of the bullets. Quickly and attentive to the crossfire aimed at the basket, it doesn’t matter how they fall. The flight is fast since the alarm has already alerted the hunters. The hijacked helicopter was abandoned in a field in the area south of Santiago. Four comrades of the FPMR were rescued from the High Security Prison. Four rebel spirits, who without repentance chose to recover their lives. Denying Power’s justice, making justice by their own hands. Among these four comrades there was one comrade of anti-authoritarian essence. One who his own comrades recognized as “anarchist.” Ricardo Palma Salamanca “the Black,” who recognized the bravery of Severino Di Giovanni, who always disdained the tricolor flag. But in spite of this he joined the FPMR. He wanted to be part of the war against the tyranny of Pinochet and being a youth without weapons nor means, he decided to join the only option he had. It was what there was at that time, and he did not think twice in taking to the armed struggle. The Black is still on the run, like many comrades who due to their decision to struggle have orders of search and capture over them.

Monday December 12, 2011 – Korydallos prison, visiting hour. That space of meeting with your loved ones, with the “outside,” with the life that you decided to carry out. That life that they seek to annihilate, because it is not what the TV sells, but it’s instead a threat to order, a threat against the existent. A pistol and some knives, but the strongest weapon is the conviction that the “crimes” for which you ended up in prison were necessary. Acts of war launched from the anonymity of the CCF; acts of war from the prison with your names and faces in plain view. The relatives did not collaborate with the executioners. You advance firmly ahead with the jailers as hostages, how ironic that the hunted are the hunters. You overcome several doors, there’s only one left, but a jailer presses the emergency button and the doors close. Now the release of the hostages is negotiated. The shouts go from one side to the other. The rebels do not trade, the oppressors don’t budge. The battle is lost, but not the war. There will be another chance. You hand over the hostages but you do not surrender. Days later and without respect for the judge, one of you raises his voice to say “they will rush to speak of failure. Our escape has been successful. We have escaped from the defeatism of accepting our role as prisoners.”

The CCF continues, more alive than ever. A fact that leaves no one indifferent. Receiving the news on a visiting day dislocated me, it was an inexplicable feeling. Many questions, few answers, there was only what the press said. Even my mother regrets that they do not allow me to leave, for her it’s the most horrible place that she never wants to visit again.

After a year full of offensive against Dominion, from $hile to Greece, we cannot forget any comrade in prison, we must let them know that they are not alone, the same must happen with those who go without leaving traces being more astute than their hunters, those who in spite of being far from the cages live in a captivity that is mental, imposed by not being able to live their lives as they would have forged them, not in the same way nor with the same people or animals. For each prisoner and fugitive who fights for total liberation, in whatever part of the world, know that you are not alone.

Nothing is over, everything continues!

Nothing and no one is forgotten!

Prisoners and fugitives of war, present in every act of revolt!

Prisoner of War.
2nd week of December.
Santiago, $hile.

: Ricardo Palma Salamanca has written several books from clandestinity, one of them being “The Great Rescue,” which narrates in detail the project of escaping from the High Security Prison from how it was planned up to his flight.

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