Chile: To prisoners, wounded, escapees, warriors, for Active Solidarity

translation from contrainfo:

Often hard to write knowing there will be nothing more than texts disseminated via the technological tool, also invented by the enemies, but in times like these we find it necessary to inform, invite and motivate comrades in other parts of the globe, since we have confirmed the information* about the wounded comrade in Chillán ($hile) through a compilation of articles that we have seen in the Press of the powerful, what motivates us to communicate again, filled with uncertainty and grief, and not only that; also the situation of comrade Tortuga/‘Turtle’ and other prisoners of this social war that each day makes us walk with anxiety. Nor do we forget Gaby and Diego, two clandestine hearts far from the hands of authority, as much as we are encouraged by all anonymous warriors in the territory who are risking their lives for the destruction of this society and all forms of domination.

We are anxious, that is why we call again for active and constant solidarity regarding the attack on Power; our prisoners cannot stand a minute longer, so let us be filled with rage and intelligence, and make the bombs and fire reach even the oppressors’ houses which are so insecure. Let every protest march or demonstration be full of revolutionary spontaneity, and expand the Revolt everywhere. The comrades of Chillán show us that the rebellion should not be centralized in large cities, but should spread like a wild virus everywhere.

Death to fear and paranoia!
For the spread of hatred and rebellion!
For the destruction of civilization, towards total liberation!

written by Algunxs Antisociales Salvajes
[Few Anti-socials Savages]

PS. The poster was taken out from there and, besides that, we share a song of Nido Del Cuco [The Cuckoo’s Nest] – ‘All for something different’, listen here (also embedded below)

* Translator’s note: At this point, it should be clear that the claimed ‘information’ derives solely from the shitty corporate media, so it can be completely misleading as it is always the word of the police; all they bring up in the bourgeois Press is that ‘an anarchist got injured’ according to records from a surveillance camera and, moreover, that the authorities might be able to identify the people who carried out the action . . .

song translation by waronsociety (we recommend listening to the song while using this translation to understand the lyrics):

Even though I don’t know your name
even though we’ve never spoken
even though I’m not at your side
our strikes are close together

Even though we’ve never met
even though I’m fighting far away
even though they try to trap us
we will continue attacking

Even though nothing is certain
even though I weep against the wall
even though our fists bleed
each action will not be the last

Even though they think it’s in vain
even though sometimes strength fails
even though you are on the other side
what’s beautiful is that we rebel

Like an angry sea against the rocks
our action of love in this war
so far away, so close
so far away, so close (x2)

Because my blood boils to know of your heartbeat
risking at every moment for something different. (x2)

Solidarity crosses the walls – Freedom to the kidnapped due to the State’s fantasies
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