Italy: Message by the activist Luca Abbà from the hospital in Turin

Translation B.pd/act for freedom now:

Three weeks after the events in Clarea of 27th February, I think it is the case to tell all the friends and comrades close to me some more precise news on my health conditions.

As everybody knows I’ve been out of danger for a few days now, but my conditions are still pretty serious even if the situation is slowly improving.

The most serious wounds I have are the consequence of the burns caused by the electric shock, as the the wounds caused by the fall are healing quite well.

In the next days I’m going to undertake more plastic surgery to fix the parts of my body still covered in burns.

At the moment I’m stuck in bed and can’t move my limbs without help, so I depend on nurses and relatives to perform daily tasks.

However I wish to thank all those who have been close to me so far, and who showed me their solidarity and closeness.

I ask everybody to be a little more patient (I need to be patient myself first of all), it’ll take time before I can see you and hug you in good health.

Special thanks to my family and my partner Emanuela. They went through a difficult moment, and for this reason I ask everybody not to make much pressure on her as she has already a lot do in this story.

I’ll take care to contact you personally when things get better so that I can meet you and hug you with more tranquility.

In this moment I’m righty subjected to severe measures by the “special unit” of the CTO of Turin. Therefore I’ve got strong restrictions on visits, which are reserved to close friends and family only.

I ask for this piece of writing to circulate in all the situations that followed the development of this event, and I hope it will not become the object of media speculation. I’m very happy to receive news and contacts from you but I can’t guarantee I can answer everybody in a short time.

My current address is: Frazione Cels Ruinas 27 – 10050 Exilles (TO) – Italy

From a hospital bed, 21.03.2012

Strength and joy to everyone.

Luca Abbà

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