Bay Area, CA: 24 ATMs sabotaged in solidarity with comrades in St. Louis and those facing repression in the Midwest

from anews (links added):

Early June 1st, we carried out a campaign of diffuse sabotage in solidarity with our friends and comrades in the Midwest.

Specifically, we attacked ATMs and surveillance cameras in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. In all, 24 ATMs were sabotaged in addition to other surveillance cameras. We attacked ATMs because they are the perfect little embodiments of everything we hate about this society: capital, surveillance, control, mechanization, economics.

We employed a variety of tactics to sabotage the machines. We used hammers to smash their display screens and keyboards. Spray paint was used to obscure their hidden cameras. Expanding spray foam was sprayed into the card readers and cash dispensers.

We extend solidarity to all the comrades who have come under the guns of the state in recent weeks. This includes the anti-fascist combatants from Indiana, those facing felonies charges because of their ferocity at the NATO summit, those entrapped by FBI informants at the same summit, and the five individuals entrapped by an FBI informant in Cleveland. Comrades, one of the two dozen machines we destroyed is dedicated to each of you.

More than this, we must express our eternal admiration and passion for our co-conspirators in St. Louis. It should be noted that the particularly heinous repression they received at the hands of SLPD last week was in response to a solidarity demonstration with those arrested at the NATO summit. In recent months, these wild ones have consistently demonstrated that the task of solidarity is to attack our common enemies and spread each other’s struggles to our own contexts. They have demonstrated this through aggressive attacks against the police and capitalist institutions in their city. Thus, we have been very excited to hear of the attacks against police stations in Olympia and Atlanta, both carried out in solidarity with these comrades. It is not out of obligation that we act in solidarity with the rebels in St. Louis, but out of love for them and for our shared project.





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