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The Final Straw Radio: The NATO 5

from AshevilleFM This week’s show features an interview with Adesina, Jude and Emily, three folks doing support work for the NATO5.

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Chicago, IL: Update on NATO prisoners Migs and Sabi

from Infoshop: Lost in all the hype surrounding the NATO 3 and Tinley Park 5, two other anarchist prisoners are languishing in Cook County Jail in need of support. Mark Neiweem (Migs) and Sebastian Senakiewicz (Sabi) are being held on … Continue reading

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Chicago, IL: Updates and addresses for the NATO arrestees

excerpts from occupychicago: Constructive, fantastic, awesome and fearless comrades remain in jail on false charges. Everyone can help support them. There are numerous ways of doing so.  Support our friends emotionally and physically by writing and visiting during their incarceration; … Continue reading

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Bay Area, CA: 24 ATMs sabotaged in solidarity with comrades in St. Louis and those facing repression in the Midwest

from anews (links added): Early June 1st, we carried out a campaign of diffuse sabotage in solidarity with our friends and comrades in the Midwest. Specifically, we attacked ATMs and surveillance cameras in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. In all, … Continue reading

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Atlanta, GA: Solidarity attack on police precinct

from atlanta.indymedia (links added): Tonight, we smashed out many windows of the Little 5 Points police precinct and now you can too. As has been stated elsewhere, attacks on police stations are hot this summer of 2012.

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Atlanta, GA: Communique for attack on Human Genetics Department

from anews: Well that was easy. And fun. We threw bricks through the windows of Emory’s Department of Human Genetics. Tucked away right next to the local grocery store. So many of these buildings of Capital, Science, and Finance sleep … Continue reading

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Photos of the police informants “Moe” and “Gloves/Nadiya”

from occupychicago: Chicago, IL— Occupy Chicago has obtained photographs of suspected police informants, who according to witnesses and arrestees were part of a law enforcement operation, which has resulted in the prosecution of 5 NATO protesters on terrorism-related charges. The … Continue reading

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Chicago, IL: 2 more anarchists charged in separate explosives cases; also a bit info on the 2 informants “Moe” & “Gloves”

from the press: Two Chicago men are in custody Sunday evening, charged in separate bomb-making schemes. Press investigators have been digging into their backgrounds. Prosecutors said the two men charged Sunday are involved in separate cases, not connected to each … Continue reading

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Chicago, IL: Three anarchists arrested on terrorism charges

from the press: CHICAGO — Three anti-NATO protesters charged with terrorism conspiracy planned to attack four Chicago police stations, the local campaign headquarters for President Barack Obama and the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, prosecutors alleged in court Saturday.

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