Federico Buono – The Nihilist Attack

from parolearmate, translated by Apio Ludd:

The text presented here was hand-written in the feverish days of my trial for aggravated theft.

I have never wanted to know anything, and I haven’t asked help from anyone for knowing the outcome.

In my experience, my way of acting is an attempt to negate the right/law, and living it in uncertainty has made these words stronger.

Words that I dedicate to my kindred spirit Maurizio and to all those who, in the investigation set in motion by sister Manuela Comodi, will choose an anti-legal method.

The Nihilist Attack

I move in the shadow. I feel the perception of an eventuality as the non-way. Vague memories. The uncertain gait scratches the path vertically before myself.

I feel my steps in a frantic convulsion in the non-knowing.

I trace out my essential space and place a concentric circle between me and temporal permanence.

I become one and I in solitude.

Inseparable in a continuous undertaking in the becoming that annihilates the permanent submissive redeeming of the event.

Is the event in me or before me?

Immediateness moves around in individual me.

My shadow arms its misanthropic desire and exposes in projecting itself in a light by endless reflections: the light of passivity loves me shadow. I arm myself against it.
I come out of a gap. I hear voices: I perceive, they want my desire in affirming myself. Far from everything I am also nearby in a hidden corner in the foul-smelling thoroughfares of the necropolises of human society.

I have chosen, I keep memories distant, passivity expands its light and wants to chew up my essence.

I am driven against it. I have decided not to surrender to the “certainty” that completes the changing of the rules of human society.

Every day is a different moment and the space the encloses my eagerness for affirmation tenses in an outward stretch destroying the past of an instant before.

The negated instant destroys normality.

In every hidden corner I am my shadow and my volitional essence.

I place myself at the center shattering the hope of insignificant memories.

The Temple of the prophecy – catalyst of events and experiences – calls me and the Demiurge waits for a sign of despair.

I don’t surrender and haven’t done so from the start.

Egoist power attacks and breaks morality to pieces, nor does it want the corpse still warm – to burn it and make it into ashes.

On this day I come out into the open – jealous of my shadow – and dedicate these few words to my blood brothers and sisters and kindred spirits investigated by sister Manuela Comodi.

The Nihilist attack doesn’t abdicate and is vindicated in an endless pace of its vital impulses!

From my Personal Hell,
Federico Buono

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