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Italy: Nicola and Alfredo interrogated one year since the shooting of Adinolfi

from refractario, transl waronsociety: Three prosecutors, three ROS (special operations) agents and two DIGOS (special investigations) agents from Genoa presented themselves in cheery procession in the Ferrara Prison in the morning of May 7, 2013, after exactly one year had … Continue reading

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Posters in solidarity with the prisoners of Operation Ardire

we receive and publish:

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“All About Nothing” – Marco Camenisch on the case against Stefano Gabriele Fosco and Elisa di Bernardo

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety: From the 27 pages of “justifications” from the 10/30/2012 “review” in Milan which Elisa and Stefano recently received for remaining in preventive prison. I copy and disseminate excerpts and comments from these justifications which I have … Continue reading

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Spain: Gabriel Pombo transferred back to Villena Prison

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety: Remember that he was already in Villena and was transferred to Valdemoro to bring him to the National Hearing to give testimony in relation to the events in Italy (Operation Ardire). After Gabriel’s refusal to give … Continue reading

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Europol and Mexico to cooperate against anarchist groups

Note from WOS: It goes without saying that we do not share the analysis of the Europol or of the press that are reported below. What we do consider important is to be aware of international police cooperation. It is … Continue reading

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Spain: Italian arrest order for Gabriel Pombo da Silva rejected for now

from publicacionrefractario, transl waronsociety: On Tuesday, April 16, Gabriel went before the National Court. He did not state anything about the events in Italy in which he is accused, refusing in this way to conform with the false categories of … Continue reading

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“When the Fire of Anarchy Nourishes Our Hearts” – Letter from Tortuga on his solidarity fast from house arrest

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety: Note from LT: On August 7th, after the verdict made against Tortuga allowed him to leave the prison, which they reaffirmed on August 15th when he was sentenced to 6 years of “supervised freedom.” Now he … Continue reading

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Italy: To write to anarchist prisoners of ‘operation boldness’

from contrainfo: July 24th, 2012: Currently the eight Italian anarchist prisoners of ‘Operazione Ardire’ (Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi, Giulia Marziale) can receive mail ONLY … Continue reading

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Seattle, WA: Bank attack in solidarity with Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Doug Wright

from anews: A Wells Fargo in Seattle had some of its windows broken last night as a small gesture of solidarity with Gabriel Pomba da Silva who is currently imprisoned in Germany and is facing renewed repression under Operation Ardire … Continue reading

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Seattle, WA: Two banks and a Starbucks smashed

from pugetsoundanarchists: Last night in Seattle we smashed the windows of two banks and a Starbucks. It is saddening that so many people experience banks as institutions of exploitation yet refuse to take the step of attacking them, as for … Continue reading

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Luciano Pitronello – The abyss does not stop us

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: The abyss does not stop us. Communique at one year after the Bombing that almost cost me my life First days of June, 2012 To the conscious rebels; to my companions scattered across the world: A … Continue reading

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Italy: Brief note from Tomo on a couple of questions

from parolearmate, transl waronsociety: I have felt the necessity to write this brief reflection regarding two communiques that I have read thus far by those seeking to “defend” the persons involved in various operations (in this case, the recent Operation … Continue reading

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Solidarity to the comrades struck by the operation “Ardire”

from theanarchistlibrary: Here at the library we don’t usually publish such statements and communiques, mainly because there are plenty of other places where solidarity can be expressed. Anyway, this time we want to express our unconditional solidarity to the comrades … Continue reading

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Bloomington, IN: Communique for sabotage of Duke Energy trucks

from anews: Duke Energy is responsible not only for relentless rate increases that seriously affect poor people in United States, but for mega-development land projects against the poor in countries that white people here seldom remember. This is why we … Continue reading

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