Seattle, WA: Two banks and a Starbucks smashed

from pugetsoundanarchists:

Last night in Seattle we smashed the windows of two banks and a Starbucks. It is saddening that so many people experience banks as institutions of exploitation yet refuse to take the step of attacking them, as for smashing up a Starbucks, it may be the only Seattle tradition worth continuing since the WTO.

These specific acts were done in solidarity with the ten people sentenced to long prison terms in Italy a few days ago for their participation in the anti-G8 activities of 2001 as well as the recent repression against anarchists in Italy known as operation “Ardire”.

It is important to remember that at that summit in 2001 the police killed Carlo Giuliani and tortured and imprisoned hundreds. It is also worth remembering that it is always possible for thousands of people to rise up as they did in Genoa in 2001 and attack the manifestations of the rotten system we all live under.

…..some anarchists

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