Letter from José Miguel from the high security prison in Chile

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Friends, you know well that writing is not my strength, I am slack towards it, but I am indeed present in enjoying every direct action that is made against the established canons and from here I intend to contribute with my bit of sand.

At times my being simmers with hatred for so much social injustice against the poor people, and I see with anguish that this people “in their great majority” let themselves be trampled on, there does not exist a frontal response to the violence that the guardians of the rich exercise, they kill, repress and incarcerate our people and everyone are mere spectators, I believe that this is the moment to attack with force and daring against Power, if we were a bit consistent with what we think we would already be executing the oppressors of today and of before, who without any remorse go with their families through our homeland.

One must use all the means that are within reach to response with fire to the violence of the state, since we should not continue to be the passive battered ones, for every brother killed in the struggle two pigs should bite the dust; direct action should be strong and severe, every fighter should be a conscious weapon and we should hold up our flag of struggle even though in this we lose our lives, we should return blow for blow, death for death, enough with complicit passivity and hiding our discontent, let’s make the pigs be unable to fan themselves with their court orders, we do not forget our fallen, a combatant without memory is an oppressed without history.

To the frontal struggle against the oppressors!

May misery increase our hatred toward the powerful!

May the rich and their guardians cower together in fear!

To demolish all the prisons!

Sabotage to the icons of Power now!

Well my beloved compitas, from here I wish the best for all of you and that you continue struggling from whatever trench for our people to live in freedom and with dignity.


José Miguel Sanchez Jimenez
High Security Prison (C.A.S.) Module J3.

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