Chile: The situation of Alberto Olivares after being beaten and transferred to Concepción Prison

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Alberto Nicolas Olivares Fuenzalida, anti-social libertarian prisoner, is serving a sentence of 15 years for expropriation, for his past linked to the FPMR. His sentence has been doubled, bringing over 6 years in the former prison of Santiago in a module designated for pedophiles; having to live together with the maximum expression of human misery… Obviously, this strategy was used by power to isolate and break the compa‘s rebel dignity, being that it is impossible to create bonds of fellowship with the other prisoners. In spite of the hostile situation which he confronts day after day, the compa has kept an anti-authoritarian attitude at war with the prison and those who sustain it, forming a couple of years ago the January 22 Collective in memory of Alex Muñoz Hoffman and Fabián López Luque, murdered by the democracy during an expropriation.

It is for being a “conflictual” prisoner that the compa is today in the C.C.P. in the Bio Bio region in the maximum security module in the city of Concepción.

About the “transfer”

The transfer was carried out in the early hours of November 23rd. At around 2:30 AM (local time), they came to the cell, taking him from the place violently, bringing him cuffed by the feet and hands, transferring him that same day to Concepción. Consequently, the prisoners transferred that day were brought to Concepción only with what they had on them, without having any opportunity to bring any belonging and without advising any of their family members.

The gendarmería used the argument that he had in the prison the previous day as an excuse to isolate the compa, distancing him from his family and friends, making it almost impossible to reach him.

The visitation schedule is every day with a prior call to the social “assistant” of the gendarmería who questions and decides if one can or cannot visit the compa. Visitation is made through a phone booth and, once a month, physically. Also the compa has a vegetarian diet and up to this time has not been able to get foods that are proper for his diet.

We should not fail to mention that the compa, in spite of being “a political prisoner” and subversive, has renounced all of the comforts that this context grants him, rejecting them completely, declaring himself thus in rebellion against any differentiation from the other prisoners, taking up his prison time with the rigors that this implies, without any privilege.

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