Chile: Barricades and clashes at the University of Santiago

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

It was 11:00 PM on Friday the 21st in the are of Grecia Ave on the Juan Gomez Millas campus of the University of $hile, when the tranquility and concentration of some persons subdued by the year-end exams was broken.

A group of approximately 15 encapuchadxs burst into the center of year-end passivity, transporting a hundred molotov cocktails with the slogan “Taking Back the Streets”; without granting importance to the conditions in which the University found itself, they set up barricades, paralyzing traffic and shouting slogans alluding to the paraphernalia and commercialization that pass for the Christmas season where capitalism disguises Christmas as a season for shopping and massive profits for capital in peace, caring, and time for family; marking this context, the encapuchadxs attacked in an organized manner the Ñuñoa gate at Macul and Grecia, center of Christmas capitalism, hurling a pair of molotov cocktails.

As is customary by now, the armed forces of capital made themselves present and were received by a coordinated rain of molotov cocktails. Their water and gas did not suffice to extinguish the subjects’ rage, who with their active conscience do not agree to sell themselves to the system nor to embrace their commercial privileges.

The combat went on for more than 40 minutes until the combatants finished off the material and withdrew. All this markd by the context of a new demonstration in downtown Santiago organized by students on a leaderless basis. There were also clashes at Central University and U$ACH at the same time that this combat was brought about.

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