Argentina: Communique for incendiary attack on Fiat van

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

We hate society. We absolutely despise it. We do not feel that we are part of it. If we go out around the streets we may be, in your eyes and your limited minds, good citizens. But make no mistake. We live at the edge of its values and its practices that you happily buy. Because there aren’t chains around your necks, there aren’t whips at your jobs, there isn’t a gun to your head. You made a choice. You could have said NO but you preferred YES. You preferred the comfort of paying for life in installments. The happiness of the car, the house, the family. And who doesn’t? We don’t blame you. We are not here to say what is good or bad, because we are beyond good and bad. Beyond morality. But we prefer dignity. We prefer to not adapt ourselves. We prefer to live. And our life is based in disobedience. And our contempt bothers you because your miserable lives are based in comfort. Comfort granted by the law and order. But we do not have laws and we are chaos. This is why we declare ourselves at war. We are at war!

In the early hours of Tuesday 1/15, we attacked a Fiat van with an incendiary device. We must admit that it did not cause serious damages, but we know that our war is not based solely on results, instead it is based on the conviction with which things are done.

And we did it in solidarity with our comrades repressed in Italy and the world. Thinking of those with who we have an affinity of praxis and remain steadfast in their ideas even behind the wars or escaping from the clutches of the state in the beautiful flight of insurgent clandestinity.

Health and eternal complicity with our sisters and brothers of the Informal Anarchist Federation in the Argentine region.

War on the State and its defenders!

Cell of Artisans of Fire and Affinities
Informal Anarchist Federation

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