Mexico: Claim for explosive attack on Guadalajara pharmacy in Toluca with note from LT

From liberaciontotal translated by waronsociety:

I am a man just as the earth is a star. As ridiculous as it would be to set the earth the task of being a “thorough star,” so ridiculous it is to burden me with the call to be a “thorough man.”… As the individual is the whole of nature, so he is the whole of the species too.
-Johann Gaspar Schmidt.

During the first few hours of January 23, 2013  an explosive charge detonated at one of the branches of the “Gudalajara” pharmacies in the Toluca valley, Mexico, destroying the facade; the vivisectors of civilization did not sell drugs to the automatons of industrial society today, it was exquisite to sabotage this establishment which murders all species, all nature, the individual, it was a pleasure to observe how the “white coats” use the expert services of the state only to repeat that wild nature and anarchy has attacked them once again.

Through this action we also want to comment on something in regards to the international meeting of anarchists in Switzerland, where the Conspiracy Cells of Fire contributed by proposing a sharing of experiences necessary for the creation of explosive and incendiary devices, time delay devices, the functioning of firearms, etc. Even though the desire for destruction consumes us in illegality are methods are still rudimentary (tanks of butane gas adhered to firecrackers and a cigarette as a time-delay.) We realize that each of us is capable of undertaking actions as “big” as those proposed, but in this moment operations as beautiful as the burning of a Wall Mart  -by the compxs of the CCF/FAI México- or the more secure methods of torching automobiles on a massive scale- like the AMIGXS DE LA TIERRA/FAI in Argentina are carried out- Why not share this information now so the Cells of Fire can reproduce them with an international flavor?

Against Civilization and the Industrial-Technological System!

Free and Wild!

Anti-Civilization Faction of the Earth Liberation Front in affinity with the Informal Anarchist Federation.

PS. We send all our strength the insurrectionary compa Panagiotis in Greece, may your recovery be fast so we can continue with war.

* * *

LT note: Above all we want to make clear that we do not intend to convince anyone to leave themselves in the comfort of being a spectator in the struggle for total liberation which takes Direct Action to attack the system. Each conscious person has the capacity to reflect if their methods are coherent with their effects. Another important thing is that this site has always supported and disseminated diverse types of actions realized by anonymous revolutionaries, specifically surrounding anarchists and anti-authoritarians internationally.

As previously stated we want to support the proposal of the compas of the “Anti-civilization Fraction of the ELF in affinity with FAI,” but not from our own practice rather the previous experience of other compañerxs. We refer to contributions that remain expressed in writings, interviews, forums, analysis, etc. all of these related to actions of clandestine groups associated with animal liberation, were published in the publication Sombras y Cizallas (download here). It is from this magazine that we got the picture of the incendiary device released with this communique, it was taken from the back cover of number eight of the aforementioned publication. The device exhibited in the photo is a variation of one presented a while ago by Amigxs de la Tierra, where in place of cigarettes magic candles (birthday ones that don’t go out easily) embedded in sponges soaked with combustible, also an action against a bullfighting ring in Spain (there was a video, but it was taken off of youtube) where incense surrounded by matches stuck into a wet sponge was used in place of candles or cigarettes. These are small examples of variations of the same type of incendiary device, in which only the type of activation changes, which was taken from some lectures we remember.

Along with this we want to propose that before beginning to share experiences and methods of attack,  certain “criteria” should be spoken of before acting. By “criteria” we refer to the possible objectives of the attack, knowing these materials or people by name, where EVERY necessary measure is taken to not harm people or animals that no one sees as the propagandist objective of the action. Furthermore, we think it important to give to the discussion surrounding the selection of targets and the effects that this might have on the anarchist/ anti-authoritarian environment once carried out. Something similar to what was suggested a little while ago by a compa of a blog.  This is important because it is not the same to attack a public transit bus with passengers inside as when a group of encapuchadxs coordinate to stop a bus, take the passengers and conductor off to set fire to it, these examples have been taken from actions in Santiago, and from our perspective the first example should not happen for any motive, save the bus being full of cops, prison guards, soldiers, vivisectors or whichever of these bastards. It would also be interesting to discuss security, what to do to not leave behind fingerprints or DNA.

Our objective of interjecting in this discussion is to be an active part in the tension between ideas and practice, that by being a project of only information and propaganda we do not limit ourselves to be a forum of claims and reflections. We have many things to say and contribute to along different themes, from the support of imprisoned compas to sabotage and direct action, because everything related to the struggle for total liberation is of equal importance and necessity.

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