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Mexico: Phoenix Project. Unique Act (#9)

from contrainfo, transl wos: From individual initiative, without bases of support or complex revolutionary rhetoric/theories, without complex destructive devices WE ATTACK! A Unique and Annihilating Attack, Belonging to itself and without any moral, ideological or material condition.

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Mexico: Explosive attack on science and the police

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety: Two actions. An explosive attack on science and an incendiary attack on the police… We are not going to resign ourselves to sabotage, black powder and gasoline. Do not be taken by surprise by terrorism … Continue reading

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Mexico: Explosive attack against the Mexican Counsel of Science and Technology

from solidaridadmario, transl waronsociety, communique: August 27, 2012 Being that this is an action of the Anti-Civilization Faction of the Earth Liberation Front, it strikes us as necessary to express how we understand vindicating “liberation,” since we act without a … Continue reading

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Mexico: Claim for explosive attack on Guadalajara pharmacy in Toluca with note from LT

From liberaciontotal translated by waronsociety: I am a man just as the earth is a star. As ridiculous as it would be to set the earth the task of being a “thorough star,” so ridiculous it is to burden me … Continue reading

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Mexico: Claim of responsibility for incendiary device placed on Mexico State patrol car

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique: “We reject the idea of the apparent innocence of society. Silence is never innocent. We hate the hand that wields the whip as much as the back that passively suffers it.” – Conspiracy of Cells … Continue reading

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