Letter from Nicu from Dozza Prison (Italy)

from informa-azione, translated by War on Society:

communique from prison from one of the anarchists arrested in Bologna on April 6th


We have never paid too much attention to the media lynching and police repression which for years has targeted the anarchists and visitors of the documentation center Fuoriluogo, not only because we know that anyone in Bologna fighting and opposing the injustices of this system undergoes the same treatment (daily control stops, wiretaps, searches and arrests), but also because despite a stick-in-the-wheels we have always preferred to continue on our way, with our initiatives and the libertarian spirit that animates us.

But sometimes enough is enough.

On April 6th, the police made an incredible start to a political and legal frame-up for the alleged crime of “criminal association with subversive purposes against the democratic order” against some thirty anarchist and non-anarchist frequenters of Fuoriluogo, on whom were imposed precautionary measures of various kinds: prison for five of them, considered as organizers and promoters of the phantom Association, and house arrests for another 7.

It is one of many frame-ups aimed to attack the most diverse forms of organization between individuals and therefore their social struggles.
It is a vile frame-up with which they try to tear away not only the spaces but also the energy of all those who express a real hostility toward the world.
It is a vile frame-up that shows once again the tendency of this society to build a system through which they want to demolish all the experiences of self-organization and self-management and also a future in which a workers’ strike may be considered subversive.

The political frame-up is not enough to place a leash on us or on social struggles. We will continue to say that the C.I.E. are concentration camps, the prisons are a tool of exploitation, the soldiers and the army are mercenaries and war is nothing but a criminal mode of taking other countries’ resources.

The passion that drives us is stronger than any authority. Strengthen the struggle and solidarity.
For Freedom,

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