Chile: Claim of responsibility for the bombing against the police precinct in Las Vizcachas

From liberaciontotal, translated by waronsociety:

For centuries they have slowly and surely been building a death machine, with individual comfort, submission, and cowardice comprising the main motor. That for the eyes of the stupid humans, those who turn the other cheek, who also fall silent and forget whichever re-occurring and existent misery, is impenetrable and indestructible. This is all continually accomplished with the inevitable support of Judges, prosecutors, and lawyers; Politicians, business owners, and cops; Professors, scientists, and bio-technologists; Gods, temples, and the obedient; Wars, nations, and armies; Advertising, television, and spectators; Clubs, bars, and drugs; Malls, stores of opulence and consumption; Intellectuals, universities, schools; States, prisons, guards; Banks, properties, and money; Urban development, executives, and workers; Technologies, robotics, and surveillance; Slaughterhouses, farms, and experimentation centers. Without mentioning the collaborators, “sapxs”, and who knows how many other shit heads…

In light of the aforementioned, for some time a war has been declared against the existent for autonomy and total liberation, it’s in our hands to each time continually sharpen our weapons. We have to break with all diagrams, all probability, and that which they hope for, we have to strike where it hurts as Ted Kaczynski has said.

This is why for yet another time we laugh in your faces, we thwarted your security yet another time and entered your station right next to your rooms, seeing how you live your nauseating lives.

For our last action at the Court of Puente Alto we warned that we would be at your windows, that we would be stalking you, we only needed our conviction, and our anti-authoritarian spirit to break with the logic of fear and obedience, as this continues to be the fundamental rampart protecting those who perpetuate daily the existence of all this shit.

After jumping the walls we placed our little present, that luckily for them didn’t contain shrapnel nor butane gas, only our friend gunpowder, a huge mistake on our part, because ideally it would have left some bastard six feet underground.

Now you are warned, we are not just books and words, we are fire, rage and gunpowder, for the next time we find ourselves and thwart your security…we will see hehehe!

NOTE: We as Amigxs de la Pólvora want to say and declare that the youth detained as a suspect for the attack by the filthy pigs is not part of our affinity group. Make the trick questions good or perhaps you want make fools of yourselves as you succeeded in doing with Caso Bombas, hahaha.

Strength to All Prisoners, Human or non-Human, spread throughout the World

Strength to those Persecuted in Clandestinity

Long live Anarchy!

       AMIGXS DE LA PÓLVORA (Friends of Gunpowder)

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