Argentina: Claim for incendiary attacks on a hundred luxury cars in Buenos Aires in early 2013

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

In the face of the discouraging panorama produced by the satisfied slaves who wander through the city of Buenos Aires relating to each other mechanically, we decided to continue with the chaotic offensive, attacking and destroying everything that oppresses us daily. No longer of any use are pretty words that try to make the anarchist ideology another option that the cowardly and alienated human beings can add and take refuge in to find salvation for their miserable pathetic lives.

All that remains to us is the hatred and vengeance for the generalized death that has been developing for centuries in the whole world.

We do not come to tell the compañerxs how they should act in the war that they themselves are creating in rebelling against authority, but they can understand that the spread of direct action movements are indispensable to maintain at least a little of the dignity that the concept of freedom deserves.

The struggle for total liberation means putting an end to all exploitation and oppression: bars, cages, prisons, privileges and hierarchies.

Since the beginning of this 2013 we have burned a hundred luxury cars in the city of Buenos Aires, an average of 30 cars per month, primarily Mercedez Benz, BMW and Alfa Romeo brands.

While a Benz was burning in Villa Ortuzar, a private security vehicle in Nuñez did the same.

While a BMW burned in Villa del Parque, two Benz’s in Agronomía did the same.

And the next day a Hilux truck and the one in front in Versailles (around the corner from the police station) and a new luxury car on Corrientes Ave in Almagro were set on fire.

We clarify that the daytime attacks in Villa Urquiza on a C4 and a Partner are not our responsibility, the same with the five cars in Boedo and the motorcycles in Villa Crespo.

For the moment that is all we have to say.

These are difficult times, let us make Anarchy a true threat to Power!

Freedom will continue to be vindicated by everyone who loves and appreciate sincerely.

Friends of the Earth /
Informal Anarchist Federation

[This was the Benz burned in Villa Ortuzar outside of its owner’s fancy house]
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