France: Statement from Mike on his release from prison

from nonfides, translated by waronsociety:

On March 9, 2013, I got out of prison. This follows almost 4 years of repressive procedures related to an explosion in May 2009 in Chambéry in which my companion Zoé died and where I was seriously injured.

I have thus spent a little more than 4 months in the State’s jails (2 in pretrial detention after the accident and 2 following the trial) and more than three years under the daily rhythm of court supervision and legal restrictions, as well as the risk of returning to prison for each breach of freedom that I regularly tore from their restraints.

Even though the legal proceedings may be finished, and because justice always seeks to maintain control in the long term, I still have a six month suspended sentence and the threat of a minimum sentence for repeat offenses.

Although I am out, it is obvious that this page of the past is not turned, since Zoé leaves a painful void in my heart as well as those of her loved ones, and since the prison and my wounds will leave an indelible mark on my body and mind.

It goes without saying that I will not seek to bury the aftermath caused by my imprisonment; my rage at this social system is only strengthened, as well as my determination to fight for a world without oppression or domination.

I would also like to take this small text as an opportunity to thank all those who showed solidarity during my imprisonment and for the numerous letters and postcards that have allowed me to live during this time as comfortably as possible, as well as the Kalimero solidarity fund for their financial support, which was very useful in the precarious conditions of prison.

Because freedom will always be illusory as long as people are confronted with imprisonment and the control of the State!

Because a world without domination and oppression cannot be begged for or voted into existence, but must be built–long live revolt!

Blow up this shit world and everything it permits to exist!

Contact: soutien25mai (at)

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