Reactivation communique from Viva La Anarquía

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

We always have been and will continue
on the path of freedom…

On various problems presenting themselves in our daily lives, we have had to prioritize our interests. Clearly our interest recently has been something other than being in front of computers updating this counter-information website.

Dedication is something we respond to and we always enjoy feeling part of the projects that we are immersed in, and we decide this not only for a desire to be there and say “Yes, I participate in that initiative,” but more for the fact of doing and generating some contribution to this war declared against authority from which we have the consciousness to realize that we do not live in a truly free world, and while it is not free, neither are we.

Now, months from the beginning of 2013, we want to give more weight to the balance where we are losing if we have not in fact lost. We are able to get up as many times as many be necessary to keep fighting, even when dead our deeds will endure. They can kill our bodies, but never our ideas.

We keep on dreaming, resisting and attacking. Our most fraternal and warm greeting for our companions in struggle around the world, especially for those who are imprisoned and fugitive. To Felicity in Mexico, to the compas in Italy, the persons in Greece, in Chile and so many others like Gabriel, Marco, Carla, Hans, Iván, Marcelo, Freddy, Juan…

We also greet our compañerxs of the different counterinformation spaces on the web: 325 and Act For Freedom Now! from the United Kingdom, Contrainfo from Greece, War On Society from the United States, Sabotagemedia from France, Material Anarquista from Chile, La Rebelión de las Palabras from Spain, Blackblocg and From Russia with Love from Russia, and Informa-azione from Italy.

The fight continues without stopping, at certain times we decide to stop some projects but that does not mean that our passion for freedom is reduced or that our activity is totally stopped, we keep going on along other trails, other paths, less visible but which do not cease to be paths that we keep marking with our passage. Ever firm, looking behind to see how we have come and looking ahead to recognize what we have not reached.

Our promise now is to again maintain this updated space to keep putting information that we believe necessary to generate the individual and collective debates. Also to facilitate the access to news that sometimes goes unperceived due to the high velocity that things move on the internet.

Ryo, we keep going for you.

Viva La Anarquía coordinating group

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