Mexico: Communique for bus arson, package bomb to PAN, and Telmex sabotages in Oaxaca

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

“Insurgent youth will put an end to reformist youth”
– excerpt from the communique of the Leon Czolgosz Autonomous and Destructive Forces

“The secret is to really begin…. In such a direction, the method of spreading attacks is a form of struggle that carries a different world within it.” – At Daggers Drawn

“The etymological sense–‘absence of government’–is enough for me. The spirit of authority and the prestige of law must be destroyed. That is all.” -Rafael Barrett

We come from the darkness in which we live and in which we unfold, under the night stars we slip like shadows passionately seeking permanent conflict, the direct clash with authority and the pursuit of the anarchist idea as a libratory praxis that intends to bury the established. We make ourselves eternal and at the same time we materialize our dreams heavy with love and hatred in rabid shouts that strike at the enemy. We repudiate the representation, the mandate, the exercise of authority, its democratic centralism, private property and artificialized life that arises from “civilized progress,” and intellectualism as a way of capitalizing intelligence. Likewise we repudiate and extend our denial to the forms of life based on obedience, submission and passivity; we reject every way of relating that comes from the logic of capitalism, Human-to-Human as much as Human-Animal and Human-Nature, because we believe that this relation is the clearest expression of the rejection of true life, true freedom. We place first and foremost the direct offensive against the state-capital, solidarity materialized in action with our imprisoned compañerxs within the Mexican territory and the world, solidarity with the people affected by megaprojects and the vindication of our utopias converted in praxis and realized in our attacks, carrying inside them the profound analysis of a new life (or its recovery), knowing that life itself is no more than a continual search for something to cling to and that what we cling to is called freedom.

With the backing of our own ideas and retaking historical memory as a matter of learning and understanding of the action of compañerxs in affinity from the past and the present, we turn our flames and explosions into the beautiful revolutionary violence in precise attacks against the material and ideological structures that sustain the state and capital, with a minor and slight intention that they can possibly facilitate minimal outbursts of generalized revolt, but we focus and specify on sharpening the unmanageable and antagonistic struggle that is gestating little by little within the territory of Oaxaca.

From this our first attack we salute and embrace the mode of action that comes from the insurrectionalism of the informal anarchist tendency (as a rupture and a point of no return) to the compañerxs who have decided to make from utopias a liberatory, destructive and creative praxis, thus with these gestures of struggle we identify ourselves with the compañeros of the November 25th Insurrectionalist Anarchist Antagonist Cell of Assassination-FAI, the first cell of the informal anarchist tendency that has acted within this territory giving the first spark so other individuals can realize attacks on capital.

Without further words:

In an action coordinated within the same territory with other cells in affinity, we decided to decentralize the attack, spreading the chaos of collective and individual anarchy and the vindictive explosions of ILLEGALIST ANARCHISM!!!

– We claim the arson of a city busy on January 13, 2013, for two simple reasons, the first for the raise of the passenger fee in this geographic location and the second the break the stifling normality of the citizenry.

press link (Spanish)

– We claim a small gift sent to the National Action Party (PAN) on March 29, 2013 which was a homemade incendiary bomb that consisted of a 6 liter container of gasoline and a time delay which was apparently deactivated by the state’s repressive forces. This action is framed in solidarity with the communities repressed in the Istmo de Tehuantepec region who currently find themselves fighting against the megaprojects of technological industrial capitalism and also in solidarity with the compañerxs who suffered the dismantling of their community radios. And finally a gesture of struggle in support of the imprisoned compañerxs from the Pandemia Social Center in [Temuco] Chile.

press links 1 and 2 (Spanish)

– We claim the sabotage of 4 TELEMEX telephone booths. Always against capital.

We greet and celebrate the liberation of the compañero Mario Antonio López as well as greeting with our fire the compañera Felicity, wishing her much strength and that the wind may sweep her footsteps.

Likewise with this attack a new era of the anarchism of action is inaugurated in Oaxaca. The insurgents are dispersed, decentralized, distant but organized, conspiring in the nights for our revenge and their defeat, stressing to them that as long as the sun of anarchy does not shine, our action will be destruction.

Honor always to those fallen in the struggle against the state-capital!

Active memory for Mauricio Morales!

Solidarity with the people who arm themselves and fight!

To bury the prison society, to brandish the knives of the social war!

Freedom to the prisoners of the social war!

Their nightmare begins when our actions leave our dreams behind!

For revolt both individual and generalized!

Long live the anarchist affinity groups!

Long live the anarchism of praxis!

Courage, comrades. Long live anarchy!


– Nisán Fárber Anarchist Group of Solidarity Initiative

– Emile Henry Insurrectionalist Revolutionary Group Tending toward Anarchy – FAI/FRI

– Magonistas Cells for collective anarchy

In permanent War against the state-capital. Tremble, bourgeois, this has only just begun!

press photos:

bus arson:

package bomb sent to PAN:

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