Chile: Words from José Miguel Sánchez to all the comrades and underground action groups of the world

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

To the conscious minds who fight in the struggle in the street around the globe…

It is so naive to think about a generalized rebellion when what the poor people have done for centuries has been to submit themselves to norms and be passive waged slaves, with passive bodies, making the dominant class as well-stocked as ever, dictating norms and laws made for it to keep enriching itself with the consent of a people used to being submissive to the point of stupidity, always hoping for a crumb for their submissiveness.

Where are the insurgents? … In communities, neighborhoods, universities, high schools, etc. How many ready to take up the struggle in all of its aspects? … always very few. What is needed is to grow in determination and conviction, since we know that the bourgeoisie is and will be a strong and powerful enemy. In the class struggle we are many more, but they can count on the authorization and protection of the State, therefore they possess state of the art technology, with the servile protection of the police minions and with everything at their disposal. They guard and protect their possessions with tooth and nail, but we should use everything to demolish them.

We have the most important reason to defeat them, and that is the desire to be truly free, to not have any kind of authority to submit to. That is greater than everything. If we have the conviction of being in a class war, we should prepare ourselves for everything, be ready for the use of all the elements and actions to defeat the privileged class and its Power; Also one should have in mind the dangers that action brings with it, such as prison or death, every one of us should be a conscious entity and act in consequence.

“No God, no law, no country.
Every man an Army,
no one obedient to anyone else.
No altars, no sanctions, no flags
for slaves to find
to tie themselves to…”

A verse recited by Catalina Solís Gutiérrez, 90 years old (2012), daughter of Osvaldo Solís Soto, anarcho-syndicalist murdered by the cops on December 27, 1932.

 José Miguel Sánchez

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