Chile: Communique from the Pandemia social center in Temuco

 from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety, communique:

Today, March 30th 2013, and after the raiding of the PANDEMIA space and particular houses, and the following imprisonment of 5 compañerxs the individuals who make up the Pandemia space have decided to give the following opinion:

1. We denounce the $hilean state and those who benefit from this in order to persecute, repress and imprison those who position ourselves as dissidents of power and authority. We reject victimization as a tool of propaganda, making it clear that here there are no innocent or guilty parties, there is only the result of years of persecution against those who struggle.

2. We clarify that hiding our identities was our tool at the time of facing the authority held by the guardians of order in the police station, since in the house they did not ask us for any identification and they quickly brought us to the 8th Precinct. We denounce the robbery of computers, books, flash drives, cell phones, hoodies, underwear, audio recordings, camping stoves along with their butane gas and pots, socks, shoes and slippers, memory cards, tobacco, notebooks, diaries, and $70,000 ($150 US) in total.

3. We denounce the political-legal-media frame-up unleashed in the middle of the commemoration of the Day of the Combatant Youth.

– Political: because the government in its race to make examples has as its aim to invent enemies and punishments, with the intention of maintaining the social peace and order proposed by the powerful.

– Legal: because in light of the failure of the Bombs Case, and considering the repressive context of the area, the prosecutors and administration are not ceasing in their quest to take away the freedom of those who confront the state and its laws.

– Media: because historically the bourgeois press has been the exclusive tool of the powerful at the time of criminalizing, persecuting and imprisoning compañerxs.

4. Finally we make a call to those in affinity to act in solidarity with the compañerxs kidnapped by the prison state, understanding that the 5 compañerxs are accused for different cases, within one single frame-up. We communicate to you that we are irreducible in the spreading of the ideas/practices that bring us to the reappropriation of our lives, in spite of the continual harassment and surveillance of the bastard police.

The Pandemia Space

FREEDOM TO THE MARCH 28TH PRISONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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