Chile: Chronology from some of the arrested of the harassment at the Pandemia space in Temuco

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

The aim of making the facts known is not to feed the spectacle, but rather to clear up what happened and to denounce the fucking police in their repressive assault that morning. This telling was made by the compañeros who were in the men’s cages and despite communicating with each other by shouting, we do not know what the compañeras were feeling at the time of being locked up and psychologically pressured by the bastard lackeys. Also we unlink Rodrigo Ovando from this telling and the communique since he was only passing by the place at the time of the raid.

Chronology of the police Harassment and raid.

Today March 30th, 2013, after having been raided and kidnapped by the $hilean State, as the Pandemia Space we share with those in affinity and others, the chronology of the events that ended with 5 compañerxs in the extermination centers of Temuko.

– As we indicated in the communique transmitted on March 26, the harassment of the Space and those who visit it and grow inside it one could say was the least rude, since the identity checks, the followings, the visits from the PDI [federal investigative police] and Carabineros with the excuse of the space’s seizure, and the questions to the neighbors all make one realize the prosecution’s desperation to find clues where there were none and terrorists where none existed.

We are untiring in the matter of denouncing the existing collusion between the agents of power and the security company that works for the merchants of Unimarc (located around the corner) since they have actively collaborated in an underhanded manner with the process of harassment, constantly watching our daily activities, movements and visits to the space.


So in the early hours of March 28 at 5:30 AM at 299 San Ernesto, the Pandemia Space and the Amanecer area were raided by the GOPE [special forces] and the civil cops, with a disproportionate police contingent carrying out the repressive operation, evicting the house by force and leaving 12 cats inside. After this the bastard police proceeded to examine us with their faces covered, intimidating us with their shotguns and military attire.

We emphasize that the raid was carried out without any judicial order being shown. Then they put us in the police cars and took us to the station of Temuco’s 8th Precinct where we spent the 26 hours remaining before going to the fucking city’s warrant court [where they decide whether to hold you until trial or release you].

Kidnapping and abuses

In this way we arrived to the police station under a strong police contingent, where they dispossessed us of our belongings and without telling us why we were arrested, started to carry out a processing full of cruelties and abuses.

Insults, prohibitions against going to the bathroom, denial of visitors and constant uncertainty about why we were arrested: these are the motifs that the kidnapping’s assertion resulted in, and this is why we denied to reveal our identity, since otherwise we would expose ourselves to the figure of the prosecution’s frame-up.

It was eight hours before the visit of the executioner-prosecutor Miguel Angel Velásquez informed us that the 12 arrested would be processed for the arms and explosives control law and for infraction of the drug law. After this, and under the police circus and opportunistic harassment of the bourgeois press, they sent us to the regional hospital to be checked for wounds. On returning to the 8th Precinct they took us to our cells, keeping us isolated until 5 PM when they finally allowed visitations and the passing of food and clothing.

Then, escorted by the special forces, they brought us one by one to where the minion from LABOCAR [investigative police] and seven special forces bastards were, all under the command of the station’s chief. Here he explained to us that the warrant court had ordered that we undergo genetic profiling, which consists of a blood sample and the registration of our fingerprints. “Voluntarily or by force” were the cop’s words. They took the samples and not everyone signed to the legality of the report.

At nightfall they left us confined in the cages without being able to go to the bathroom until 2 AM the next day. Roxana Marín, a compañera who is 5 months pregnant, displayed “according to the hospital/prison” a displacement in her placenta. The situation was attended to in a delayed manner by the cops at the station, and at the same time they also informed us that 7 of those arrested would go be prosecuted solely for concealing our identities.

The next day we were brought to the warrant court at 7 AM to pass to the arrest control [a hearing like an arraignment or bail hearing] that happened at 1:30 PM, with 5 of the 12 compañerxs kidnapped in the March 28 operation remaining in preventive prison.

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