Chile: Communique from Silvana Lumilla from Temuco Prison


Immediate freedom for the five comrades imprisoned by the state in Temuco!!!
Roxana, Yaritza and Ariadna accused of making explosive devices and Silvana and Juan Pablo accused of drug trafficking.
The same old story, the same old frame-up.

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

March 30, 2013

An anewenado* greeting for everyone who knows me, values me and is worried about the situation I have been involved in at this time.

First of all I want to give thanks for the affection, unconditional support from my mother, my beloved son, siblings, family, the spectrum of compañerxs, friends who we find and recognize in the everyday rhythm of life, sharing the most beautiful thoughts, ideas, dreams, creations in each moment, in each place where we go along to create, in the possible and impossible of each reality, a dignified, honest and free life.

The deprivation of my freedom and of the compañero imprisoned in the Temuko Prison is clearly framed in the context of a clumsy frame-up, this time headed by the known anti-Mapuche prosecutor and now persecutor of ideas, Miguel Angel Velazquez.

On March 28th at 5 AM, two particular houses in Temuko were raided by repressive apparatuses of the State-GOPE [Special Forces], with verbal order for the supposed placement of explosive devices in both cases.

The result of the raid that I found myself in was the destruction of the building, seizure of computers, cell phones, camera, and money among other things. At the end of the operation they informed us of our condition as arrested for “drug trafficking.” We were brought to be checked for wounds at the city’s regional hospital, after which we were transferred to the 8th Precinct where we were kept with the other 10 arrested for more than 30 hours without being allowed to go to the bathroom from 5 AM until around 10 AM they denied us water and toilet, including one of the arrested who was 5 months pregnant.

In the extensive detention-kidnapping they denied us telephone communication with lawyers, family and friends; in our case until today we were not able to exercise that right as arrestees. I should mention that in the 8th Precinct they violated my dignity in not respecting my refusal to have my blood sample taken, for which I was hurt, handcuffed, and given the procedure forcibly by two police officers and two Special Forces officers.

Today, March 30th, I was with the 2 compañeras accused for an “explosive device” sharing the module with 48 prisoners of the capitalist system. In the hearing where the charges were formalized we were charged as “marijuana traffickers” (100 grams that can drug 400 people) and for this given 3 months investigation period in prison. These practices are old, neutralizing, discrediting and of course exposing one in image to the morbid curiosity of the formal communication media, to thus unlink the political persecution and replace it with the common crime.

I am calm, we have had with the other prisoners an affectionate welcome from women in solidarity, from a cup of tea, toiletries, clothes, conversations, much joy and in spite of the circumstances we keep dreaming and they in spite of months, years, an eternity of confinement, all beautiful, free and crazy!

I bid farewell until the next writing. I remain here on the other side of the wall with the others, with my spirit stronger than ever, strengthened in my convictions and with each little bit of affection I dream with them.

We will see each other soon; love and close embraces to my son, mother, siblings, grandmother, family in general, wenui, lagmien,* compas and friends.


Irascible greetings!

Silvana Lumilla
Political prisoner of March 28 – Temuko
Imprisoned in the CPF – Temuko Warria*

Translator’s Note: I have left the Mapudungun words. Here are their meanings:
* Anewenado: Full of strength
* Wenui: Companions/siblings
* Lagmien: Sisters/brothers
* Pewkayal: So long!
* Warria: City
Thanks once again to Liberación Total for the help.

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