March 29th Summary by Liberación Total: From frustration and rage to the innate instinct of self-defense that makes the cops and powerful run! Let the fear switch sides!

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from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Introductory note: We want to begin this special review with a hearty salute to everyone who was in the streets giving battle during these days, making themselves part of this permanent conflict against misery, who keep their dignity intact before the enemy. And secondly by thanking those compañerxs who wanted to share their experiences and stories, also to those who sent us photos or who stole photos in order to cover up the faces of the people photographed (a precaution to those who just take photos and then publish them: one has to be more responsible), to those who sent us links to press stories and anything else they wanted. This is the first time that we did a summary with the help of our dear readers, the first time that we made a call for you to share what you thought necessary, because this is not the first contribution of this kind since for years anonymous compañerxs have sent contributions that we add to our summaries of marches, dates like May 1st, September 11th, or March 29th. We have always believed in EVERYONE organizing information and communication between compañerxs. The fact that we do not respond to all our mail does not mean that we do not find them to be a contribution, we read everything that is sent to us, other than the mail we catalog as spam, just as we also don’t read the bastard journalists pleading for interviews or the undercover bastard police.

Another thing that is necessary to retrieve are some wise words from compañerxs who read and spontaneously shared their personal or collective reflections in the Plaza El Faro. In this case the words of an encapuchadx [hooded individual] who said as the voice of their group, that in this war we all can take part, in whatever way we want, from the trench we choose. They also made a call to revolutionary unity, not homogeneously but autonomously, but in complicity, accepting our differences and focusing against a common enemy. These two parts which we retrieve from that speech we appreciate and we reproduce for their contribution, beyond the clear differences that we may have with the terms that that group vindicates.

The permanent call is to keep fighting, to grow and mature in respect with our compañerxs, not attacking our differences but giving fraternal critiques. Attacks should always be made against the enemy and the traitors (like el Grillo and the infiltrating photographers).

A new “March 29” arrives and rage explodes in the streets…

“Logically, we are worried that these delinquents shoot at carabineros in service with guns. We have the tools to  safeguard our personnel, such as the use of armored cars, which allow us to not sustain more serious consequences (…) if they shoot a carabinero with a gun, this obviously worries us.”
– Statement of the bastard chief of the metropolitan area, General Eliecer Solar

Report from La Romeria to Villa Francia:

Solidarity and rebel memory ensure that on the morning of March 29th, while the sun timidly warms our bodies, hundreds and hundreds of compañerxs meet up at 11 am to begin the day at the intersection of 5 de Abril and Las Rejas streets. The words give us strength, memories, love and passion to fight, to fight to live and to take the streets in memory and honor of the fallen compañerxs. The sensations multiply and after some hours the march begins toward Plaza El Faro, initiating the central action.

Many were the individuals who contributed so that this year, like all the previous ones, the murder of the Vegara Toledo brothers would not fall into the coffins of forgetfulness. Many were the individuals who, full of affection, intended to give expression in the streets to the struggle’s continuation, that this is a permanent war and that we will never cease to direct our attacks on the enemy.

The long column of compañerxs, headed by the compañeras Luisa Toledo, Mónica Quezada and Ana María Antonioletti, advanced with firm steps along 5 de Abril street. Accompanying the path of these three beautiful women, who are more than the mothers of Eduardo, Rafael, Pablo, Matías and Ariel, because they have fought against forgetting day after day, they have vindicated their sons’ decision and they have faced the police every time it was necessary. This is why the youth care for them as for their own mothers, in the same way as with Manuel Vergara and many more who have had to mourn their children because of the struggle for liberation. And so with this firm step and full of love, the compañerxs arrived at Plaza El Faro, where some delicious beans were waiting, cooked in great communal pots, enlivened with compañerxs’ music, speeches, weeping, shouts of rage, and eternal calls to keep fighting without quarter against those who steal our lives from us and from the Earth.

After 8 pm the climate in Villa Francia started to change. The streets around 5 de Abril which from very early on were guarded by the forces of order, started to feel the hostility of the night that calls every combatant to the attack. The rage and hatred latent inside of the hooded warriors who arm themselves with liquid fire to go out to find those wretched beings who go armored to the teeth and inside of their horrible machines. This is how the first molotovs fly and strike against the armor of the machines, the combat has now begun. The encapuchadxs are not the ones who declared this Social War, this war is thousands of years old, this war against domination has been taken up ever since human beings decided to bite the hand of whoever wished to domesticate them, and it is the same war that the compañerxs TAKE UP in going out to take back their lives and the lives of their peers. One either takes up the War or does not; one either decides to attack those who oppress us or chooses the secure and comfortable life of voluntary slavery, the life preferred by many, and without realizing it turn into reformists and social democrats, but trick themselves into believing they are revolutionaries.

* * *

Revolt is contagious and reproducible! The streets cry: memory, revenge, and liberation!

The climate of war that began in Villa Francia spread like the black plague and reached various parts of Santiago. Places like La Pincoya in Huechuraba, Laguna Sur in Pudahuel, La Parinacota in Quilicura, Lo Hermida in Peñalolen, Los Morros in San Bernardo, La San Gregorio in La Granja, La Poblacion Santo Tomás in La Pintana, etc. The first sabotages to the electric transformers were made and caught on, darkness fell and the diffuse and multiform confrontation of this asymmetric war which is taken up with pride.

The night becomes more present than ever when the lights are cut out in most of the neighborhoods. The streets are illuminated with the powerful light of the waning moon and the eternal and complicit fire of the barricades.

Police are attacked with whatever is at hand. A rain of rocks, sticks and most of all molotov cocktails, many incendiary bottles, but also a lot of bullets shot from improvised guns and high-caliber guns such as rifles and machine guns, with the Police Stations and the press being the primary target. In the area of the La Pincoya neighborhood, a journalist from Channel 13 hiding at the police’s feet was hit by a high-caliber bullet, which didn’t manage to hurt him since the helmet he had put on for safety was armored. This mercenary journalist is the same one who wanted to reincarcerate a compañero of the Bombs Case using a vulgar communication trick (you can find more on the bombs case blog using the “search” function). During the march toward Plaza El Faro, members of the TV channel Chilevision were expelled when they tried to capture the commemorative action. The press, in its role in complicity with Power, tries to capture the best images to show in the news with their headlines about unnecessary and unjustified violence, but at the moment of defending the police actions it is to valorize the law, and for this they must face the consequences of their actions.

In the Lo Hermida neighborhood, a “Mowak” military vehicle is damaged when it is attacked by encapuchadxs with bottled fire. The bastard police keep themselves in the streets with their water and gas shooting vehicles, trying to repel the encapuchadxs in a failed attempt to pacify the high spirits of the people fighting in the streets; they try to disperse the encapuchadxs with tear gas and pellets (pellets they say are rubber but in repressive practice are metal and are shot at everyone’s bodies, whether or not they are hooded). Almost a dozen armored cars were stopped by the force of bullets because their motors were damaged by the breaking of the cars’ outer layer of metal.

A noise bomb is thrown under a water shooting vehicle and left 3 bastard cops with auditory trauma and also a bottle of sulfuric acid (it could also have been a molotov with failed contact) was thrown at another water-shooting vehicle, which results in a cop with burns on his back after the liquid seeps through the door and lands right on his fucking back, leaving him visibly bloody. In the combative Santo Tomas neighborhood the delinquents along with the capuchas went to visit the area’s Sub Precinct and sent bullets, rocks and fire against the disgusting structure, leaving journalists and cops sprawled on the floor unable to lift their heads. The same thing happened in La Pincoya, where the bullets and fire seemed endless, where the police’s walls were the only thing that stopped the shots. The positive side is that a mercenary journalist will think better before continuing to follow orders like an imbecile. Along with these events, they counted 7 bastard cops considerably wounded at the day’s end, because it is certain that the minor wounds were in the dozens, it’s just that for the first time they only reported the wounds that were captured by the press during the long night.

On the other hand the cops left some persons wounded by attacks with tear gas, among whom was an adolescent whose head was wounded in San Bernardo feet from the 14th Precinct, and another youth with an open traumatic brain injury in Villa Francia. The most serious event was the burning of an apartment of a Santiago neighborhood, where the house of a family was turned to ashes because of a tear gas canister shot inside by the police.

The pavement burns from La Serena through Valparaíso and all the way to Concepción and Temuco, where the incendiary bottles and barricades shout the name of each compañerxs killed in combat, the sabotages of the symbols of Power multiply like small waves that devastate whatever is in their path. The exhaustion of the encapuchadxs fails to cease the conflict, because this day (like so many others) is special and awaited with planning and strategy, with seditious conversations in low voices away from phones and the internet.

The day ended with a total of 49 arrested in Santiago, and 54 at the national level. In La Granja two people accused of “attempted murder of police” were arrested, after they were caught shooting at police lines. As well as several arrested for carrying improvised guns and various revolvers which were seized. A 21 year old youth was arrested on suspicion of “improvised explosive device” made by a toilet paper roll filled with saltpeter and sugar (according to the mercenery press) where it seems it was basically a homemade “sparkler.” The news showed that the youth had a patch on his backpack with a circle-A and a bicycle.

In the daily course of our actions we should remain firm, in each attack, in each publication, in each meeting. Power will always seek to torment us, always trying to find a way to destabilize us, to sink up and destroy our convictions and morale. Each conscious combatant is a threat for them and their imposed order. With our memory intact let us maintain the rage in our hearts, let us multiply it, and let us make each act a gesture of love for our sisters and brothers and compañerxs, and of hatred toward our declared enemies.

Our fallen sisters and brothers accompany us every day, every step, every night. They accompany us in the light and heat of the barricades, in the hurried step of the capuchas carrying a molotov ready to attack and burn, they accompany us in every gesture, every word, they accompany us in every embrace, every smile, they accompany us in this continual struggle against the established, toward ending with what oppresses us, toward total liberation.





• Some brief reports sent by email:

“Armed with two molotov cocktails, a liter of benzine, a couple of tires and pamphlets remembering the Vergara brothers, we decided to interrupt the passive night of a part of the Puente Alto neighborhood which seemed lifeless. Despite the are being guarded by the fanatics of order, guarding the property of the rich (an Ekono supermarket), we didn’t want this day to pass like any other. With the courage of each warrior killed by this false democracy, we left a beautiful and rebel barricade burning, which burned for several minutes and surely awoke one or another “good citizen” thanks to a certain quantify of spray cans that we left with our complicit friend–fire.

“This small gesture we want to dedicate to our brother Jonny Cariqueo and our compita Víctor Montoya imprisoned in the disgusting prison of Puente Alto.”

— — —

“The night of the 29th (the early hours of Saturday) in the Quinta Normal neighborhood at about 12:40 am around 10 encapuchadxs set fire to a barricade in an important intersection, blocking a lane of the avenue, throwing pamphlets and hanging a banner in honor of the day. There wasn’t any resistance in the area (although at the corner there passed a van of cops who made a U-turn and left).”

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Prior to March 29th:

Fighting they killed them
Fighting we remember them
Fire tot he state, its prisons, and capital!
[a Mapuche war cry meaning We Will Be
Victorious Ten Times Over!]

[More here].

From the place of the police ambush of Eduardo and Rafael
in La Romeria toward Villa Francia:

March 29: Day of the Combatant Youth
The Struggle Continues!
Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo–Presentes!

“Ensure that Anarchy Lives”
Punky Mauri [Mauricio Morales] Presente

The long night of Friday March 29:

Videos here.

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