Spain: Gabriel Pombo da Silva transfered to Valdemoro Prison

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Gabriel has already “visited” Soto, Villena and now Valdemoro since his return to the Spanish State in January. We don’t know how long they will keep him there, or whether they will finally take him closer to his Gallician land, as would be normal under their own laws.

They use the constant transfers as a way of uprooting the human contacts of the imprisoned, making the prisoner’s emotional life difficult inside as well as for the external contacts of the fourth degree. The State tortures in a wide variety of ways, their only tool of “treatment” is the very arrogance and provocation of these degenerates under the system’s hire.

For a praxis of solidarity with our brother Gabriel!!!
That the bastards may know that our compañero is not alone!!!

Gabriel’s new address:

CP Madrid III
Carretera de Pinto a San Martin de la Vega km 5
Apartado de correos 110
28340 MADRID

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