Letter from José Miguel after reading “Mapping the Fire” in the Colina II Prison, Chile

from publicacionrefractario, transl waronsociety:

Dearest companions in struggle,

Today after reading the book “Mapping the Fire” by the CCF I feel more absolute than ever, I feel proud to be part of this universe of indomitable warriors, of hating and rejecting every kind of authority, of being a declared enemy of the capitalist State and of the dominant class, of saying to the four winds that I hate the bourgeoisie and their social peace with all of my being.

And in spite of the 19 years in prison that I carry, I have never repented for the steps made in the course of being consistent with what I think. And the criminalization of revolutionary ideas does not frighten me. And state Power will not achieve the submission of my person and rebellion grips my being in every moment. It is part of me and I embrace it lovingly for it to be part of my struggle against the established.

Reading the texts from our brother Luciano “Tortuga” filled me with strength and increased my desire to stay in the struggle, I am in it to the end and I will die on my feet, fighting, I do not fear the consequences nor the response of the powerful. I have nothing to lose and nothing to hide, they know who I am and I show my face for what I say and do. I do not hide my identity, since I have been burned for a long time now, face to face I give battle and I strike head-on, to my struggle and to my peers I owe as much as to my daughters and my partner, who are the most beautiful thing I have in this life of troubles, I count on them and on the palpable solidarity of my peers, to whom I send my gratitude.

With the fight in my blood,

José Miguel Sánchez J.
Colina II Prison-Capital, Module 4

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