Chile: Roxana Marín on nocturnal house arrest

from vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety:

In the Guaranty Court of Temuco on May 2, 2013, they made the review of preventive prison weighing against Roxana Marin Laurie along with two other students.

The defense, headed by the lawyer of the Southern Investigation and Defense Center, Karina Riquelme, asked that the law consider the change of cautionary measure to something less burdensome.

The Public Minister (prosecutor) eased the defense’s request primarily due to the advanced stage of pregnancy that the nursing student is in. This being so, the plaintiff presenting the Regional Intendancy of Araucania was unequivocally opposed, arguing that the student’s freedom would signify a danger to the security of society.

Finally the Court accepted the defense’s request, establishing cautionary measures of nocturnal house arrest, national confinement and biweekly checks.

Parallel to this hearing, in the Illustrious Court of Appeals of Temuco, Sebastían Saavedra Cea, lawyer of the Southern Investigation and Defense Center, argued the appeal of the ruling of the Warranty Court of Temuco last week which reaffirmed the preventive imprisonment of Yaritza Grandon Paredes, also accused in this case.

Finally, against the vote of the Minister Julio Cesar Grandon, who is for allowing the student’s freedom, the Court reaffirmed preventive imprisonment against Yaritza Grandon Paredes due to considering her freedom to signify a danger to society.

So the sociology student along with the other accused will remain in preventive prison in Temuco CPF. It is worth reminding that the investigation period requested by the Public Minister and conceded by the Court is five months long.

Freedom to the Prisoners of Capital!!!
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