“All About Nothing” – Marco Camenisch on the case against Stefano Gabriele Fosco and Elisa di Bernardo

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

From the 27 pages of “justifications” from the 10/30/2012 “review” in Milan which Elisa and Stefano recently received for remaining in preventive prison.

I copy and disseminate excerpts and comments from these justifications which I have received from Elisa and Stefano.

 All About Nothing… (Stefano)

“The quality of the facts, on whose seriousness it is not necessary to use many words, their duration in the time up until the application of the cautionary measures, the plurality of the subjects involved, the introduction in criminal circles of wide–even international–dimensions, the clear adherence of the investigated to the terrorist strategy and not only planned but carried out at the hands of the FAI, the continual and primary role they performed, are without a doubt elements in themselves symptomatic of a high criminal capacity, being expressions of a non-occasional dedication to the commission of serious crimes against the internal and international of the State’s form of being. (…)

“The solicitants have acted, as they have said, in close personal contact with persons with serious criminal histories, such as Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenisch […].

“It should be added that this evaluation of dangerousness was later affirmed, whether due to the total absence on the part of the solicitants of signs of reflecting on their conduct, or the penalties sentenced against Fosco in 1992 and 1994 for violating the norms of conscientious objection and for contempt of judicial power, which ensure one not only of their inability to achieve dissuasive effects on them but also of their criminal intent repeated over time.”

And Elisa: Obviously most of it is nothing but a copy and paste of the original accusatory basis… and its conclusions… The fact is that we have never denied the existence of CULMINE and anyone who knows us knows this very well. In their fantastical need (for reasons of social control, of course), the following things nevertheless transform into crimes, and moreover, crimes with terrorist goals:

“ideological contribution” / “overcoming of the limits of communication and knowledge”… through the blog / “solidarity with anarchist prisoners” / “economic support also to anarchists in Chile” / “using their own case as a center for communication through letters” / “they have not changed their conduct, not even after the searches on 3/29/2012…  so much so that they have written a communique in which they warn other afines about what has happened,” just to mention a few pearls!

Regarding the evidentiary quality of the facts, there is no need to spend many words, in fact, sufficient is: “no self-reflection, you have not repented and you continue to be anarchists and to organize the ‘communicative’ sector, or better the information and solidarity in their own home,” all the more reason and obviously fasciscization… if it includes close and personal contact with subjects of strong criminal character like Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenisch… who of course are always a “good stock” to substitute for the lack of substance of any “accusation for association”…

*justifications, exactly the same everywhere in the world in order to impede the release of political prisoners… and now also to invent cases…

Marco Camenisch,
Lenzburg slaughterhouse, Switzerland, 2/27/13

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