Chile: Marcelo Villarroel – Let’s walk together: it’s time to fight!!

from vivalaanarquia, transl. by waronsociety:

“Because one who forgets the captives of war completely forgets the same war.”
-Gerasimos Tsakalos, CCF member in prison.

The chapters of confrontation which we live as hostages of the state-prison-capital are many and lived daily, there are no pauses in war.

Domination crushes lives in the centers of extermination and isolation, in the places of wage exploitation, in the temples of indoctrination and lobotomy which serially create teams of managers, professionals of democracy, citizens of social peace, slave-sheep of the military-police complex which controls a large part of the planet.

But the multiform offensive resistance is not a pantomime nor a mere pose. it is a permanent act-option-experience which manifests in all moments and aspects of our lives.

The hunted individuals and collectives of liberation extend and bond, are never extinguished nor disappear.

Where some capitulate and return to the normality of a citizen of capital, others sincerely, and with everything, rebel.

Against all authority, against the prisons and jailers, their borders, the mercantile dictatorship, the false critics, various reformists, adaptive pseudo-radicals…against all that exists that robs us of life…

There are memories of resistance and subversive struggle where there is a thirst for justice…in a sterile high-security cell, in the beautiful darkness of a mountain lined with clandestine footprints, in anonymous urban sabotage, penetrating their guarded centers of power…in a poem-song, in a text-declaration, in an honest surrender to the heart…memory and subversion exist independent of the pounding waves of repression.

Our negations are infinitely more potent then their domination, charges, and threats, are proudly fed by our desires and necessities, by our indomitable dignity which we do not buy nor sell…we are willingly irrepressible, never forgetful!!

I think of and carry with me:

Zoe, a young compañerita libertaria* who died April 30, 2009 handling an explosive device in an abandoned factory in Cogna, Chanbery, France while we were prisoners at Unidad 11 in Newken, Argentina.

-The three compañeras and two compañeros, political prisoners incarcerated since Dec. of last year in Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina as a result of the mobilization of popular sectors tired of their misery.

Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito, combative anarchist prisoners held in Ferrara, Italy, for the attack carried out in 2012 against the executive director of Ansaldo Nucleare.

-Jaime Gimenes Arbe, an anarchist prisoner of direct action of Basque origin, held captive since 2007 in prison in Monsanto, Portugal and perversely mistreated in a regime of punishment who has been on hunger strike since April 1st.

-Every imprisoned individuality in the whole world who fights against power.

-The anonymous in insurrection, autonomous, and anti-authoritarians who attack, practice the revolutionary experience, and walk the path of the permanent offensive against all that oppresses us.

-Those who in solidarity accompanied us this past Wednesday, the 24th, outside of the “justice center” in Santiago, attempting to demonstrate, and who were arrested by the pigs.

-To the hermanxs in the Argentine region who manifested as well on Wednesday outside of the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires and at the doors of the Chilean capitalist retail trash called Fallabella.

-Those who conspire in minority sectors promoting conflict, calling for social war…I’m thinking of you and carry you with me…

“Because not one sentence will be perpetual and not one prison high-security”
-Claudia López B.

Hans Niemeyer, recaptured Thursday the 26th and clumsily indicted by the prosecutor and police in order to satisfy democracy’s anti-bomb thirst for vengeance.

Carla and Iván locked up in their houses under the same capitalist thirst for vengeance.

To break with immobility and acceptance, to construct networks of complicity, to take back the practice and ideas of subversion and revolutionary solidarity…

For anti-capitalist internationalism, autonomous, and libertario

Let’s go, walking together, it time to fight!!

Prisoners of the Social War…to the street!!

While misery exists, there will be rebellion!!

Against prison, the state, and capital….Total liberation!!

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

libertario prisoner

CAS – Santiago – Chile

April 30, 2013

WOS Note
: Liberatario/a/x translates directly to libertarian, but does not carry the same connotation as in the english-speaking world, especially the US. The next best choice may be anti-authoritarian, but the term seems most accurate and eloquent left as is.

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