Italy: Nicola and Alfredo interrogated one year since the shooting of Adinolfi

from refractario, transl waronsociety:

Three prosecutors, three ROS (special operations) agents and two DIGOS (special investigations) agents from Genoa presented themselves in cheery procession in the Ferrara Prison in the morning of May 7, 2013, after exactly one year had passed since the wounding of the administrator of Ansaldo Nuclear, Adinolfi, to interrogate Nicola and Alfredo. The excursion, of a highly symbolic level for the prosecutors Franz, Piacente and Manotti–the first two from the Adinolfi case and the last from the attack on RIS in Parma–found the usual reception from the compas, of not responding.

For questions and more info: nidieunimaitres[arroba]

To write to the compas:

Nicola Gai – Alfredo Cospito
Casa Circ. Ferrara
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara. Italia

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