Mexico: Words from Conspiración Ácrata in memory of Mauricio

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

“The Hero of Life goes toward Death accompanied by the tragically triumphant march of dynamite and the head encircled with flowers. Yes, anyone who has desired and been able to live as Rebel and Hero wants the freedom to burn in a beautiful blaze ignited by the greatest sin so that the prelude to death is nothing but a sweet and melancholy poem…”
– Renzo Novatore, “In the Circle of Life,” written in memory of his friend Bruno Filippi who died transporting an explosive device. 

From these lands of Mexico, we remember the compañero Mauricio Morales, who lived twenty-seven years of struggle and of Anarchy. He truly lived, because he lived free–outside of limits and imposed norms, mocking the bad joke society constructs, spitting at the prisons, at its bars and its arrogant laws. He lived more than anyone who lives one hundred so-called years, caged in mind and body, more than anyone who goes through life obeying.

Life is not worth anything if one does not live free, if one only breathes, only in order to work and spend. Life is not life if one does not live it fighting, against domination, if one does not voluntarily accelerate the pace one’s heart pumps blood to one’s whole body, to one’s ideas. Life is not life if one lives with the dagger of liberation kept safe in the coffin of the commodity. One must take it out, use it, one must drive it one and a thousand times into the belly of power, looking it in the eyes, face to face, until it draws its final breath.

A warrior who lives free, who lives Anarchy day by day and gives everything for the struggle, is not forgotten. He cannot be forgotten. We will not forget him.

Death to the prison society and its guards!

With memory as a weapon,

Conspiración Ácrata

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