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Mexico: Words from Conspiración Ácrata in memory of Mauricio

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety: “The Hero of Life goes toward Death accompanied by the tragically triumphant march of dynamite and the head encircled with flowers. Yes, anyone who has desired and been able to live as Rebel and Hero … Continue reading

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Editorial statement for the joint issue of Conspiración Ácrata and Abrazando el Caos

from 325, translated by waronsociety: Seeing in the strengthening of real and sincere debate, and in the mutual knowledge of the particularities of each region where there act groups or individuals resistant to the global order, an excellent opportunity to … Continue reading

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Text in solidarity with the anarchist comrades and with Culmine, from Mexico

“From the editorial collective of CONSPIRACION ACRATA we express our solidarity with those comrades arrested in this raid and with the comrades affines of CULMINE whose mail the repressive apparatus has seized and surely — very surely — are investigating … Continue reading

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About “Anti-Judicial Anarchism”, Max Stirner, Luigi Galleani, CCF & More

from 325: Here is an English translation of an article from the journal Conspiracion Acrata from Mexico referring to the idea of “Antiguiridismo Anarchico”. We hope you like it. “Antigiuridismo Anarchico” which translates to “Anti-Judicial Anarchism” is a concept which … Continue reading

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