Chile: Words from Juan Aliste four years since Mauri’s death

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

One must be deaf of soul, blind of skin, a yanacona* or a déclassé to not recognize that we are passing before a social inquisition of a capitalist and police-encrusted order.

This social inquisition functions at full potency, in possession of its coercive apparatuses and forces. Thus are lives reduced to the tune of alienation and indolence. The transitory result is a people used to obeying and without the capacity of astonishment, without time for reflection, and limited in action.

Breaking with the established, imposed as a form of life, gives us the oxygen to take our own lives to thus be actors in resistance seeing with twinkling and libertarian eyes the horizon of impossibilities, where passes everything we have: love, tenderness, rage.

As popular combatants, weapons under one arm, books and revolutionary slogans under the other, in the mind the libertarian idea, in our action permanent subversion, and in our hearts our stars and loves.

In decision/action, all the Mauricios, all the Normas are always present. Always!

While there is misery there will be Rebellion!

Juan Aliste
Subversive Prisoner
High Security Prison, Chile
May 2013

Translator’s Note:
* In the Incan empire, the word yanacona referred to the servants of the elites. During the Spanish conquest, the yanaconas allied themselves with the conquistadors (1). I decided to avoid loosely rendering the term as house slave, which in the United States holds a similar political significance, but a less intense historical basis (2).

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