Letters of Freedom – write to Henry Zegarrundo

from vivalaanarquia, click for translation by waronsociety:

Letters of Freedom: letters to compañero Henry Zegarrundo

A year has passed since the State’s repressive blow against the anarchist struggle in Bolivia. Today and although Henry is on “house arrest,” we continue to believe in the necessity of breaking the isolation with concrete gestures of struggle.

With the aim of building bridges between the compañero and “the world,” an email address has been set up where words of strength, support, texts, critiques and whatever is considered necessary can be received.

We understand that in the fraternal exchange of positions the morale of one who has received the State’s vengeance is kept high. Here nothing has ended, we are not going to lower our arms and much less will we stop acting in solidarity with the compañero.

WOS Note: The email address is in the image above. Letters in English can be sent to the email address of War On Society with “For Henry:” in the subject line, and we will try to get them translated and sent on to Henry.

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  1. compas says:

    big up from a corner of this planet for all your amazing work but most importantly for wanting to translate mails to an anarchist hostage-
    complete and absolute freedom for henry, freedom for all

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