Mexico: Explosive attack on science and the police

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Two actions.

An explosive attack on science and an incendiary attack on the police… We are not going to resign ourselves to sabotage, black powder and gasoline. Do not be taken by surprise by terrorism against your scientists, police and well-to-do. We do not idolize any armed action, but from each individual expropriation of this cell of war, we vindicate the most egoist of affinities with the different groups of these territories, which, demolishing fears, paradigms, ideologies and codes of morals or values, take their actions to the extreme, to the culmination…

Extremism? Terrorism?

To assassinate some police…

Like the Mariano Sànchez Añon Insurrectional Cell, fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation. (CI-MSA/FAI)

To assassinate some scientists…

Like the Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS)

We see, in the determination of each individual who makes a direct attempt on the life of humanity and its civilization, the strength that revives our wild instincts; we learn from these clans we we sharpen our ideas for future actions.

Meanwhile we claim responsibility for the second explosive charge detonated in the building of the Mexican Counsel of Science and Technology (COMECyT) on June 10, 2013 in the city of Toluka, Mexico (the first was this – T.N.). We again assault this organ of the State that directly participates in the working of the techno-system, we attack it since we know about its vital functioning for anthropocentric progress, because we know about its involvement in the spreading of the urban stain in complicity with the mining industry which is razing the Alto Lerma mountains, because we know about its collaboration with the scientists of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMyT) in order to realize their aberrations in the trial fields of these developments, because we know about its direct responsibility in every artificiality of this (non-)life. We attack its property, in defense of Wild Nature.

“The one who falls in rebelling against one and all, prevails even falling (…) But the true follower of the fallen rebels is the one who knows how to rebel even against the ‘rebellion’ of the fallen heroes.”
– Renzo Novatore

We assume responsibility for the arson (with a homemade device, as some compitas from South American ‘recommended’ to us) which burned the engine and cabin of a truck belonging to the Federal Police in the early hours of May 23 of the same year in the same area.

We decided to attack this symbol of authority on these dates, just as we decided to claim responsibility for this action with the one cited earlier, for the same reason: Mauricio Morales.

Just as we do not intend to idolize armed actions, neither do we intend to fetishize or martyrize anything or anyone. It’s just difficult to say we have no regard for this warrior upon reading his stories and poems… Hearing Punky Mauri’s song of war. Mauricio Morales is not only a name, just like Abele Rizieri Ferrari (Renzo Novatore – TN) isn’t either. Each indomitable who, beautifully armed with will and imagination, has provoked feral blazes is the very nourishment to maintain the daily conflict and the constant and iconoclastic rebellion.

This fire set a little more than 4 years after Mauri’s dance with death is but an incendiary gesture in the rebel memory of those who decided to turn their words and thoughts into actions.

Anti-Civilization Faction of the 
Earth Liberation Front
in affinity with the Informal Anarchist Federation

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  1. Cruz DelaGente says:

    I resent your use of the word “anthropocentric” when referring to science and technology. Using this term serves to validate the view that science and technology are inherent and beneficial to humanity. These systems are only inherent and beneficial to civilization. Humanity is inherently at odds with these systems. Also the implication that there is a separation between humanity and “wild nature” is a mentality that is created and perpetuated by civilized philosophy/propaganda. It is impossible to be pro “wild nature” and anti “anthro” and vice-versa. Human beings are no more or less wild than the other non-human peoples of this world. It is only civilization that forces us to believe so and forces to act on that belief.
    Please consider changing your vocabulary for the sake of further working towards the mental decolonization of the masses.

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