Chile: Words from Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste for June 11th

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Compas, in response to the event held in conjunction with the La Hiedra Library and ourselves (Autonomous Library Sante Geronimo Caserio), we spread the text written by compañeros inside prison for the event that happened on June 11, which is titled “Never Surrender,” with which we want bring to light the theme of long prison terms…

Without more, lets get to the words of the compas.


Never Surrender

In relation to the International Day about prisoners with long prison sentences.

From the high security prison of Santiago Chile (CAS) I want to greet with all subversive love and libertarian complicity everyone and every prisoner who finds themselves behind bars throughout the world for fighting against the empire of devastation, the ancient order of capital, for human and animal liberation and doing long sentences, those who are losing the best hours of their lives behind bars, charges, sensory limitations, oppressive structures and jail machinations in unending Judicial Farces.

In this instance, this event was born from the direct solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, anarchist compañerxs incarcerated inside the USA, and why June 11? Because this day began a Day of Solidarity with the anarchist Jeff “Free” Luers, accused of various acts who was finally released in 2009.

Without a doubt with Marie and Eric in prison due to radical ecologist and anarchist expressions, the power of domination hopes to curb the capacity to actualize the ascent of antagonistic struggle in the gullet of domination.

Well now, these companerxs are not the first or the only, nor the last in having to face the judicial normalcy of capital that gives years of sentences as though Rebels and those in Insurrection could possibly live more than 200 years… Equally in this part of the planet the autonomous Tradition of Solidarity organized with subversive prisoners is sifting, oscillating, recently rebuilding itself. Perhaps the most solid trail was constituted by the collective of political prisoners called Camina Libre of which I was proudly a part of, from its formation in 1996 until its self dissolution in 2004. I also remember a decade ago the brief functioning of the Anarchist Black Cross of Santiago, which disappeared due to a fault in projectuality and because, basically, those that gave life to said project now live a life of convenience and therefore the act of organizing oneself was only a temporary effort not a real and true commitment with the prisoners of the Social War.

In this way, for the last 17 years I have seen different networks of support, coordinated from freedom, meeting in freedom, groups with different levels of commitment and various assemblies which have disappeared and the direct solidarity with prisoners who struggle have remained in their immediate environment, many times facing highly complex situations in complete helplessness, even more so if they come from proletarian homes, not bourgeois families capable of spending thousands on judicial defense or stays in prison as has already happened.

I have always thought that I can not be complacent at the time of existential accounts about what happens in prison and in the same manner I distance myself from those that use this experience to transform themselves into opinion-o-logues of the Social War talking comfortably, lightly, and conveniently at events, radios, or publications while many of us leave our bones in the stifling routine of prison.

Those who have gone to prison in the last 8 years have not been few. In Santiago 1, in the Maximum Security Section, in the High Security Prison, in SEAS-COF… Temporary steps that through oral testimonies have marked forever their ways of understanding and seeing the struggle to the point that many of them have disappeared by completely repeating the internal and continual cycle of forgetting, of false conspiracy, of excuse and constant fear… Therefore that unanswered question that I asked myself in the 90’s comes into my head: How to construct a lasting space capable of facing Revolutionary Solidarity, the totality of prison existence as an extension of the fight against the State and Capital?

The defiance is daily and the tension permanent, there are not breaths nor rest for those of us that live behind bars. The level of the jailer’s impunity seems endless: they punish you for whatever they want; destroy your belongings; don’t let you enter your visit you have been waiting for for so long; they transfer you or punish you with false arguments; don’t let you see your lawyer; they throw out the food or rip up the clothing that with strength and care your loved ones have brought you; they eternally harass you; they invent Process-Farces to continually leave you in prison…. Always with the same logic: that of destroying your individual antagonistic integrity, a Rebellion indomitable to the point that they cannot kill it.

Because the reality of the Chilean prison society is highly repressive and normalized from the punishment of prisoners to the repression of their family members and loved ones, and includes the destruction of the most essential bonds. It is not casual that one of the most horrendous massacres of the Global Prison system happened in Chile on December 8, 2010, with the horrible deaths of 81 social prisoners burned alive inside of tower 5 of the San Miguel Prison. Today that terrible event survives in the memory of the families and the Rebels and those in Insurrection with memories of Resistance and Subversion now that no one else remembers. It is the most cruel characterization of an indolent society that makes natural the normalizing approval of daily life in which no one does anything.

The prisons are human landfills, drains where it is common to meet social prisoners with incredibly high sentences for only robbery. I am not talking of homicides, sexual aggressors, narco-trafficers… I am talking of those that strike against private property and must pay extremely high sentences. Submitted to total and intermediate abandonment, in the high or maximum security sections, there is always a place for those of us who rebel against the existent, moving to form a part of this contingent of human beings that, as masters of our own lives, must resist for decades the prison’s unhealthy routine of extermination.

The transformation of autonomous practices have happily distanced me from politics, therefore I claim libertarian prisoner because it is from this way of seeing and understanding life that I have been able to distance myself as well from those practices of self-complacency which multiply Ghettos, Shows, Trials, and assertions based in the morality of good and bad…”Politics is disgusting and rots everything that it penetrates”… In reality transgressive and subversive action does not require the political support of anyone because it becomes urgent to the extent that there are thousands of motives to take the offensive without waiting for “the people” or “the masses”… From the right or the left politics is the same shit… In affinity, in desires and necessities, in revolt, in the individual decision to liberate yourself there is not shitty political valor, in the prisons, in the poorest poblaciones, in the misery of the street, amongst the marginalized, make or talk about politics and you sentence yourself to false isolation.

Defiance in the face of the prison society is potent in making visible the machinery of death that amounts to the existence of this human meat grinder. Take note of the millionaire’s resources invested in the protection of private property, socialize the experiences of Resistance, empathize with the multiple and daily resistances, inform yourself about the networks of executioner-torturers who hide themselves behind their unions “Public Functionaries”… We articulate ourselves from that which unties us, simplify the language to put our grain of sand in this titanic fight to abolish prisons, destroying the State and Capital… there are thousands of challenges for subversives, revolutionaries, and dignified social prisoners in order to avoid paying many years behind bars, loosing in this way the best days of their lives…

From affinity, promoting the extension of the anti-prison struggle, calling to those who have lived in prison to loose the fear of acting; Greeting the diverse initiatives made by those who take action, shredding theory… To those in solidarity that never cease to walk with us, to those who today find themselves with heart to support in every capacity the anti-capitalist task.

-In memory of Harold Thompson, anarchist prisoner who died in prison in the USA.

-In memory of Cristian Ibaceta, social prisoner from Argentina murdered by being stabbed 24 times in 2012 in unit number 12 of Newken, which is attributed to the obscure maneuvering of the provincial police, to whom he was an ardent enemy.

-In memory of Horst Fantazzini, anarchist robber who died in prison in Italy in December 2001.

-To every prisoner in the world that fight against Power, Authority, the State, and Capital.

-For anti-capitalist, autonomous and libertarian internationalism.

-While misery exists there will be rebellion!!

“Although they deny me I live and Resist
in the darkness as an instinct
in the light as a feline
to die fighting is my destiny”. 

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
Libertarian prisoner, June 11, 2013
C.A.S. – STGO – Chile.-


Memory is the ammunition with which the weapon of solidarity is loaded, we are not spectators of our lives, we decide them.

From prison, solidarity rhymes with rebellion, this not being the only condition-reason to put into practice a courage inherent to the defiance of revolution.

Equal Solidarity before a voracious capitalism.

Solidarity of class in the social war.

Active Solidarity with those that fight.

To make words, not only the joining of letters, but also a constant permanence which in practice becomes resistance- breaking with the mediocrity of welfare-ism or the incompleteness of the protest. An action alone or with others permits us to recognize ourselves in libertarian complicity, where lives flow with concrete intentionality of emancipation. With the idea of a different world in which the oxygen of solidarity generates permanent subversion.

The struggle has a continual history and is not temporary, in the same way solidarity can not be circumstantial, it is Oxygen! Which vitalizes the resistance, the struggle and our lives willing to continue combating misery and capitalism.

A fraternal embrace to all those who make it possible to continue maintaining a revolutionary spirit, no matter condition or place.

Memory is the ammunition with which the weapon of solidarity is loaded!
Solidarity and struggle with all the prisoners of the Social War!
While misery exists there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega
Subversive prisoner – hostage of the Chilean State of Capital
June 2013 High Security Prison (CAS)

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