Chile: Charges against a comrade caught on video for a molotov attack

foto_0120130621120348from refractario, transl waronsociety:

On June 13, 2013 during a student protest an encapuchada (hooded) youth attacked a squad of the repressive forces with a molotov cocktail.

The images were recorded from a building by the secret police of DIPOLCAR, the police videographer followed the encapuchada until she completely changed clothes under some trees far from the riots.

rubia-encapuchadaHours later the youth was arrested in a police incursion into the occupation of the central office of the University of Chile, accused solely for disorders for being in an occupied university. Days later, and after the critiques for the violent police action in the incursion into the University, the police “declassified” these images to justify the beatings.

The press shows the images again and again, the individuation of the  compa, overexposing her to public ridicule, titling her as “the fair encapuchada” as well as making her story and profile public.

Recently on July 7, 2013, the administration of Santiago pressed charges against the compañera, accusing her under the crimes of transporting an incendiary device and public disorders in the Seventh Guarantee Court.

¡Solidarity with compañera Giuria Muñoz!

¡To stop the media campaigns against compas participating in the struggle in the street!

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