Chile: Action in solidarity with Freddy, Marcelo and Juan (photos)

from materialanarquista, trans15638_495193720564843_1546863272_nl waronsociety:

On August 1st, at 2pm, on the outskirts of the Juan Gómez Milla campus of the University of $hile (a territory dominated by the fascism in the south), we decided once again to go out to turn into action something that for us, the anti-authoritarians, is translated into one of the fiercest motivations at the time of attack: our SOLIDARITY, which we set fire to, in order to go out to find ourselves with the symbols of power and thus annoy–in this case a short interval of confrontation–the bastard cops there. When we set fire to the barricade, the the lackeys didn’t delay in arriving with their whole ultra-well-known apparatus of repression (water-spraying trucks, gas-throwing trucks and police special forces squadrons), however, their surprise was great when the black smoke spread through the skies, among leaflets and molotov cocktails, which for a few minutes gave life to the monotony of the crowds of the living dead.

This time our action had as its motive the call that was made to act in solidarity with our brothers kidnapped by the $hilean state, we refer affectionately to Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuente Villa, who have been in “preventive prison” for more than 3 years, being implicated in the so-called and controversial “security case,” which as we remember put an end to the unhappy life of the cop Moyano. For unreasonable reasons (having to do with evidence and witnesses in the investigation of the case) our brothers have had to spend all this time separated from those they love, without being released according to their laws, so they are kidnapped, presently in the high security module of the prison-business of $antiago.




In our action we met in affinity as individuals and subjects of the negation of this rotten life which intends to impose the ruling state of things beyond their capitalist system of living, which is manifested everywhere and always as a single great network where the enemies dominate all aspects of subsistence, in order to maintain the precious and false social peace, which in our action we decide to go out to break again and again, for reasons that unite us in ideas and practice with Marcelo, Juan and Freddy (without sidelining all our sisters and brothers imprisoned and assassinated across the land), it is completely within our duty to go out to transform words into actions, whether these are though riots, counter-information activities, visits to prison, postering, making propaganda, and an endless number of practices that must be done in order to make theory a deed and not just written words.

Because we in affinity do not recognize more than action, we do not intend to vindicate the people who do not fight, or the victims of some genocide, or live in ancient histories, much less turn our action into a fetish, we don’t do it to please anybody, we simply declare ourselves enemies of all authority and anyone who touches any of us, and know that our vengeance will be terrible, you will not have any peace, until the day we die we will keep destroying and annoying.

Greetings and embraces for all you sisters and brothers,
you know you are not alone, none of you will be left to oblivion,
from afar we do the impossible to make solidarity concrete in actions.
This is why we go on the offensive here and now, without half truths.

Greetings also to the complicit combatants who we joined with in attack,
this beautiful day, to destroy together as a beautiful gang of wild birds,
the ones we found in a lovely coincidence
with the initiation of the Macul Cordon* and the attack on the OS-9*.

Photos and info about the attack on OS-9 here (in Spanish)

Eternal love for Marcelo, Juan, Freddy Fuente Villa, Hans Niemeyer (presently kidnapped to spent 5 years in prison), Alberto “Nico” Olivares, José Miguel Sánchez and to each rebel and insubordinate being who is kidnapped in the extension of this land across the world.

We attack like waves of birds full of love for the compañerxs
and hate for this piece of shit humanity!

Kostas Pappas* Cell of faceless Individuals


* ‘Macul Cordon’ – The intersection with the highest levels of violent confrontations in Chile, established through decades of struggle in a coordination between encapuchadxs from three schools all in the immediate vicinity: UMCE (the ex-Pedagógico), the Juan Gómez Milla campus of the University of Chile, and the UTEM.

* OS-9 – Department of Investigations into Criminal Organizations

* Kostas Pappas – A comrade who fell in a traffic accident in 2007 in Greece while fleeing form the police.


Thanks to whoever recorded these moments

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more photos here.

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