Argentina: Attack in solidarity with the revolt in Brazil

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

Last Thursday, July 18, we attacked the ITAU Bank located at Bolivar and Moreno streets, in the middle of the central port, with stones. We also left painted on its windows “Solidarity with the Revolt in Brazil.” A minimal gesture which we would like to communicate at a time when Pope Francisco I (Jorge Bergoglio) passes through the streets of the neighboring country, before an idiotic mass that cheers for him, while thousands die of hunger or under the bullets of the army, while others destroy shacks in the favelas or under the hammer of narco-trafficking and drugs.

Neither the ostentation of the Vatican’s riches, nor the million-dollar spectacle of the upcoming World Cup, can cover up such misery.

Against all Authority!

Propaganda and Action

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