Mexico: Explosive device found near Federal Electricity Commission facilities

a13f69455d88ff8fbffa221236056f93_int470from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

On July 31, personnel from the Public Security Secretary of the Federal District (SSPDF) were mobilized for the report of a supposed explosive device.

The device was found near the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) located at 3702 Insurgents Avenue, in the Peña Pobre neighborhood of the Tlalpan delegation, and consisted of a bag with two bottles apparently full of some kind of combustible, next to the front tire of a parked truck. Apparently, according to the information that the bourgeois and enemy press gave, the device did not work because the explosives’ container didn’t completely burn.

It was also reported that personnel of the SSPDF cordoned off the area and evacuated the employees from the CFE offices, while personnel of the Task Force group secured the device which will be delivered to the Public Ministry (prosecution).

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