Chile: Letter from the ex-penitentiary to the comrades of the world

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

Kompas of the World,

Sisters and brothers, for a long time the ruling reality has become stronger in every corner of our lives, everything in the rebellion remains in a course of low intensity, the “idea” demands us, every day not to forget the dreams of the liberators, of the bottled rage of years of social injustice. From my cell I see that the political games make up reality, that the prison guards remain immune, that the rebel wills continue going half-way in the streets. Sisters and brothers, this is not a solution to the human slump, rather I want to express what I feel in every act of uproar and of little direct action, I remain kidnapped by a police system and I have the urgency of going on because without you we prisoners would be alone, every bombing is a call to the system to not abuse the captives, a robbery of the rich is a breakdown of the established order.

You are the idea, you are my freedom and the freedom of all the world’s prisoners

Destroy to create

We do everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves



January 22 Collective
Ex-Penitentiary Extermination Center, Module A
Alberto Olivares Fuenzalida

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