Brazil: ATMs burned in Porto Alegre in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

from contrainfo, transl wos:

Solidarity is a living force! Ignite it!

On Monday, December 16, while the hot 34°C (93°C) sun was setting and the full moon was rising to the sky, we paid a visit to a Santander Bank branch located on Osvaldo Aranha Avenue right in front of a police post. We entered the place and left an incendiary Christmas gift for the ATMs, with the obvious intention of destroying the establishment. After this, time and fire did their part, and we achieved our goal. We didn’t go to rob its money, just to destroy it. We reached our aim:

We attack, we cause destruction, we leave unhurt and we show through this action that solidarity is not just an empty slogan and that all its greatness doesn’t live in the word. This small gesture is a sign that the increase in surveillance measures in the city cannot stop our will to constantly defy Power. We can always find a way to escape the “great beast,” starting with the deconstruction of our fear.

May it be an incentive for all the rebel hearts to go into action in the struggle against “growth acceleration projects” and also against the 2014 World Cup, which is advancing at high speed. It is obvious that the struggle doesn’t boil down to this sporting event that is attacking many people. Rather, we signal with the heat of this fire our solidarity with Rafael Vieira, Jair Seixas “Baiano,” those resisting the hydroelectric project of Belo Monte, everyone enduring trials or persecutions as a result of the summer’s protests and also, and no less distant, everyone fighting against Power in every part of the world and everyone confronting it in spite of the prison system in Argentina, Greece, Indonesia, Chile, Italy, the United States, Bulgaria, Mexico, Germany, Spain.

With this small attack on Spanish interests, we sent strength and solidarity to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, prisoners in the morbid cells of the Spanish State, isolated in the maximum security FIES regime.

Faced with repression, active solidarity with all possible means!

Strength and Solidarity to Mónica and Francisco!

Freedom for Baiano and for Rafael Vieira, imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro!

Note: we didn’t find anything in the Press about the attack last night (December 16), nevertheless, the destruction was effective, the ATMs were damaged and the bank remains closed today.

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