Mexico: Phoenix Project. Unique Act (#9)

acto IXfrom contrainfo, transl wos:

From individual initiative, without bases of support or complex revolutionary rhetoric/theories, without complex destructive devices WE ATTACK! A Unique and Annihilating Attack, Belonging to itself and without any moral, ideological or material condition.

From individual initiative, we practice informality in this war that we assume as inevitable, and which we take part in through affinity. The fires and explosions in this act are consistent with the iconoclastic desire in every wild heart that associates egoistically.

It is this Unique that confronts Civilization and the Techno-industrial System, and from Uniqueness arises the affinity for every Unique who also ATTACKS.

The following are some verses and some actions, which we want to frame within the Pheonix Project, dedicated to certain Individuals in whom–in spite of the Passional differences that can sometimes rise to the surface–we find correlation in their actions and communiques, explicitly we want to dedicate this as a hellish fire full of WILL to Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai of the Olga Cell/FAI, to Andreas Tsavdaridis, member of the FAI and adherent to the Pheonix Project, to the Anti-Civilization Warrior Adrian Magdaleno (a Prisoner in these Lands), to the Insurgent Robber recently fallenin Action, Sebastián Oversluij.


acto IXDaybreak!

A tentative text not meant for solace,
The cacophonous (Non)life that runs
In each daybreak its obligatory course.
Another daybreak!

A little scorching but without delusions,
The truth’s clarity does not mislead our actions.
The day is nothing but circling hours
Time God! Civilizing Father!
Another Daybreak

Morning, evening or nighttime routine,
Technology/Industry, omnipresent couple.
Another Daybreak!

Then the imagination:
How far will this go?
The Egoist Passion of the I never stops.
Something will collide!
It’s about to.In a Triumphant point, the bitter Triumph of the I
As the last draught of LIFE.

Because there can be no other way for
The Vagabonds of Praxis.
Another daybreak!
To Bear Another Daybreak?

An Ode to LIFE! Let us not be mis-
Not as bio-centrists…
Not as Communists/Christians.
Laughing, Singing and Dancing like Wild Children,
Lucid, Cynical and
Another Daybreak!
Let the scythe reap!

With this we also claim the attacks with explosive devices in the early hours of November 18 (2013) on a church and a bank in the San Sebastián neighborhood in the city of Toluca, Mexico, as well as the explosive/incendiary device that detonated in another bank in the early hours of December 21 (this year) near the Airport of the same city.

For the Triumph of the I!
Against the Techno-system and Civilization!

Anti-Civilization Faction of the
Earth Liberation Front
in affinity with the Informal Anarchist Federation.

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